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Oct 29, 2004 12:12 PM

Reheating a whole chicken

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I won't have time to cook tonight, so I bought a rotisserie chicken. Of course it is in the refrigerator now. What's the best way to reheat a whole chicken so it doesn't taste, well, reheated? Thanks--

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can't say I've ever done this, but my culinary compass tells me that you should let the bird come to room temp. before reheating at a low temp. (maybe around 250 deg)in the oven til warmed through. Then maybe you can brush the skin w/ a little melted butter (if the outside is a little dry) and let the bird go for a few min. in the broiler to crisp up. Good luck!

      1. Since the rotisserie chick is not usually blessed with crispy skin etc- we go for moist. Carve it in big segments (breasts, legs, thighs, back, add a few sprinkles of water or wine in the microwaveable dish, cover & nuke on maybe half power for 3 minutes or to desired heat. If not cut up I find it re-heats unevenly. Don't want to cook it just bring it up to temp. If you have a chick with lovely skin, I still favor this method to get the cold out- then maybe a quick broil or high heat (very brief) to crisp up.

        1. I don't recall where I read this, but I've used this technique for reheating prime rib to keep it med-rare and juicy.

          Put the chicken (they're usually around 1 - 1 1/2#) in a large zip-loc bag in a stock pot of very hot water. Release as much air as possible out of the bag and weigh it down if it still wants to float. Let sit (add more hot water if needed) for 1/2 hour or so and it should be at eating temperature (and NOT dried out) by then.

          Hope this works for you!

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            I usually do it like Torty suggested, mostly because I've eaten a little of it. And, the container it comes in usually holds up to a medium microwave setting.

            But, reheating it whole would be desired at times, I suppose. Boiling in the bag, huh? Does the ziplock have to be a heavy gauge plastic like a freezer bag or just the regular one.

            1. re: kc girl

              You don't boil it...just simply letting the heat from the standing hot water in the pot gradually warm up the chicken. Any water tight ziploc style bag will suffice for this treatment.

          2. I love Costco's rotisserie chicken, but I ONLY eat it after being refrigerated, then baked at a high temp right from the fridge.

            Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Place veggies, garlic cloves (still in the skin), and thinly sliced potatoes on the bottom of a roasting pan. Drizzle some olive oil over, toss, then salt & pepper.

            Remove the chicken to a plate and heat the jelled juices, then pour over the veggies. Place chicken OVER the veggies and bake for 20-25 minutes.

            The skin will be crispy and the inside hot. The veggies will be infused with the lovely flavor of chicken. The garlic will squeeze beautifully out of the skin, and is lovely spread on warm bread. (I'm getting hungry!)

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            1. re: Funwithfood

              I tried this method last night, and ended up having to modify it slightly, as my veggies were nowhere near cooked after the 20-25 minutes. But since I had put the whole thing in a Corningware casserole in the first place, I just popped that sucker in the microwave (plus lid), and steamed the veggies the rest of the way. The whole thing turned out deliciously, and was much appreciated by my working-late husband! :-)

              1. re: Funwithfood

                What a great idea Fun! I have a lot of trouble leaving costco without a chicken, whether I need one or not. I will try your technique and if the veggies aren't done I will use Fire's back up plan. What veggies work best for you?

                1. re: Funwithfood

                  This tip is awesome! I just did it and it was a huge hit with the family! Thanks!!