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Oct 25, 2004 01:37 PM

Nut oil longevity?

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How long would you say hazelnut and walnut oil last in cans that have been refrigerated since opening?

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  1. Walnut oil turns rancid very quickly. Refrigeration will prolong its life a bit, but your nose knows. If it smells off or tastes bitter, then it's time to replace it. I recommend buying in small bottles...

    not sure about the other but the same principle applies.

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      I have some hazelnut oil from last year that I have kept in the fridge...tasted it recently and it seems good. Most of the recipes that I use it for are Autumn types of dishes, and I just did not use it at all over the summer, so I am glad I can still use it and don't have to get another bottle.
      The sure way to tell is just to taste it, a little bit by itself on a spoon.
      Walnut oil always seems to go rancid before I can use it all , so I have not even bought any for a long time, I don't even buy walnuts in bulk any more, just what I know I will use in a week....Fresh walnuts are showing up from this season in the Farmers markets here...

      1. re: ciaolette

        Thanks, its good to know the hazelnut (aka filbert) oil is more stable over time if stored in a cool place.

    2. I have had a jar of Macadamia nut oil in the fridge for 3 years, and it still smells/tastes great. (I keep my fridge pretty darn cold).