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Oct 20, 2004 08:38 AM

Cutting round pizza into squares

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A guy at work says that he has only seen pizza places in central CT cut their round pizza's into squares... and wants to know if this is a yankee thing, or how did it come about. Besides CT, does anyone else do it that way? Etc.


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  1. there is a greek pizza place in north reading ma that cuts their pizza that way. but now that you mention it, this is the only place i have seen do that

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      I think it's a Greek-pizza thing too. Shameless and well-deserved plug: Greek-owned Post Corner Pizza in Darien, Conn., on Route 1, does this, and their pizza is something I'm happy to battle I-95 traffic for, since I don't live nearby anymore.

    2. It's not uncommon to see square slices in St. Louis.

      1. It's also done in St Louis.

        1. There's a place in Milwaukee, called Zaffiro's, that cuts its round pie into squares (see photo).

          -- Paul



          1. Regular pizza (as opposed to deep dish) is almost always cut in squares in the Chicago area.