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Oct 16, 2004 01:12 AM

Organic Corn Flour/Hominy??

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Does anyone know about a company that makes Organic Masa Harina and/or hominy? I am trying to avoid non-organic corn because of GMOs.


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  1. Bob's Red Mills has masa, but it's not organic. They have organic grits, but not whole hominy. Maybe you can ask them what their source for the organic grits is?


    1. try

      1. has organic blue, white and yellow masa harina. If that's not the right address do a search for gold mine natural food

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          Thanks, I've been wondering if there was organic masa for a while. They're local (sort of) for me, which is a plus. Now, to learn how to make tortillas by hand!!!

        2. Anson Mills has everything your little heart desires and more - including stuff you probably didn't know existed.
          You may have to hunt around on the website and buy in 10-pound bags from their chefs program but they're the best and they supply the top restaurants in the US like Keller's French Laundry and Per Se and Charlie Trotter.
          Their stuff is not only organic but grown from heritage seed. Expensive? Yes, but downright addictive once you start using their products and one of the things I decided was worth the price.
          They're very easy to deal with and may sell you smaller quantities if you call or email them as you experiment to find exactly what you want.