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Oct 10, 2004 05:02 PM

spice island brand spices?

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Has anyone seen Spice Island brand spices recently? I know that they (Burns Philp, San Fran) bought out the Tones (aka Durkee) name in the 90s, and now I never see a display for Spice Island anywhere. What I am looking for is their Fines Herb blend (I need for a 3 bean salad recipe) and also especially their Beau Monde seasoning, an important ingredient in a "secret" steak marinade that I occaisionally pass on, but the recipients can't find this specific spice anywhere. I'm wondering if the Tones or Durkee is exactly the same, but I doubt it.

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  1. Yes, the supermarkets here in Naples, FL sell Spice Island...Publix and Albertson's. But, I'm not sure about those particular blends...will be happy to check for you... I am going to store tomorrow and will find out for you, okay?

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      That is much appreciated, if they still exist, at least I can search for them locally, I'm in New York.

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        Spice Island's Beau Monde is sold at the D'ags located at 1074 Lexington Ave. (75th St) New York NY, 10021 212-988-8813 according to a quick check of that store's online web site.

        The other one didn't show up there or at the Dags on 3rd & 35th. Perhaps another branch has it or your local D'ags can order it for you?

        good luck.


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          Thanks everyone,you really helped me out!

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            Here is the web site for Spice Island internet sales. Their is also a telephone number.

            Here is what the spice island website shows as contact information:
            For Spice Islands Products not available at your local store, please call Diversified Distributing at 1-877-453-1638 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, to place your order.

            Or: Order online at
            ( is not affiliated with Diversified Distributing.)

      1. re: Karl S.

        Thanks,I googled spice Island without the "s". This is really helpful.

      2. I've been unable to find the Spice Islands Fine Herbes for years, and have several recipes that use it. I've tried cobbling together my own based on several recipes, but it doesn't taste the same as the Spice Islands version.

        I have been hording the little bit I have remaining. The link provided by Karl S. is great - also says "new formula!" on the Order page for Fine Herbes, which leads me to believe they've altered it enough that it just isn't going to be the same. But I may have to order some just to check.

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        1. re: Linda W.

          Let us know what you think after you try it!

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            I'm also noticing they no longer make their Bouquet Garni, which is also different than others I've had. My mother always had that and the Fine Herbes in her spice cabinet, and I stocked mine with both as well. No longer. :-(

            1. re: Linda W.

              Market Spice ( in Seattle has a Bouquet Garni blend that is very close to the now retired Spice Island Blend. They also make a great Beau Monde seasoning. They are available on-line.

        2. Penzey's carries a "Fines Herbes" Blend. They also have a variety of different mixed spice blends -- I bet they carry something comparable to "Beau Monde" -- call and ask.


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            Penzey's is different from how Spice Islands made theirs. It consisted of the following, in order of their quantity in the blend: Thyme, Oregano, Rubbed Sage, Rosemary, Marjoram and Basil. Penzey's (and others) has tarragon. Definitely makes it sweeter than Spice Islands' version.

            I wish I knew the proportions of Spice Islands; I'd try making my own.

          2. My local Kroger here in Bloomington, IN stocks Spice Islands. I can check to see if they have what you are lookkng for and get a price and send them to you if you wish. E-mail me if you would like for me to check into it.