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Oct 10, 2004 11:18 AM

condiments to serve w/ cheese

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what are your favorite condiments to serve w/ cheese
? e.i, jams, chutneys, spreads, etc. thanks!

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  1. Olives - Spanish, Picholine, other. Stuffed, not stuffed.

    Grilled pepper strips.


    Membrillo w/Manchego

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    1. re: Gayla

      My dh just brought back some maroilles and epoise
      cheese from the cheeseboard berkeley accompanied by
      some wonderfull Picholine olives. My mouth is happy!

    2. Fig jam with a good French goat cheese and a glass of Sancerre. Magic. Especially if you can find the French goat cheese that is actually called Sancerre, like a thick hockey puck, best with the jam and wine when young and not to dry. Unlike a brie that gets runny, many goat cheeses get drier when older.

      1. sour cherry,apricot,or fig jam(cortas brand from lebanon)
        tupelo blossom or lavender honey
        quince,guava,almond,or date paste
        mango chutney

        1. Served fresh honeycomb (Marshall's Farm at either Rainbow or the Ferry Plaza market) with Pt. Reyes Blue to rave reviews at the chowhound picnic. Sliced baguette, seeded lavosh, even water crackers work. Combo is killer. Honeycomb works with hard cheeses just as well, and with goat (Humboldt Fog).

          Harry and David makes a delicious onion and pepper relish. Comes regular or smoky/hot. Their outlet is next to Victoria's Secret on Union Square.

          Oil cured olives
          Marcona almonds
          Jumbo cashews from the Nut House on Geary near Union Square (she roasts them with coconut oil - sinful and oh, so scrumptious!)

          One major hit for this summer at my parties was Melon Carpaccio. Slice seeded cantaloupe with a Y shaped vegetable peeler (you want slices to be very thin, long, and as wide as possible). Crumble feta, or blue, or chevre lightly over melon. Sprinkle with toasted pumpkin seeds. Drizzle with your favorite olive oil. Serve as an appetizer. Sprinkle fine sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. You can also mix melons and or add peeled cucumber. Refreshing, light and very flavorful.

          1. Belgian beer, french baquette, and radishes sprinkled with celery salt.