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Oct 7, 2004 07:21 PM

getting rid of nasty pre-cooked shrimp taste?

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I bought some frozen, pre-cooked shrimp (never again) from the grocery store, and they taste nasty. Is there a way to make these things taste good? I tried sauteing them in butter, olive oil, and garlic and then sprinkling Old Bay on top, but it still didn't cover up that old, musty, pre-cooked and then frozen, shrimp taste.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!

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    Chicago Mike

    The best thing is the old "cedar fish filet" approach... throw away the fish and keep the cedar plank.

    Toss those shrimp, they'll only get worse... one of the greatest culinary faux-paux is foul-smelling shrimp.

    1. There are lots of good pre-cooked frozen shrimp out there. Try to avoid ones with additives like sulfites, or STP (sodium triphosphate), these are added to make the shrimp absorb water and they will always be mushy. Look for country of origin, South American is usually superior to Asian. You might not find the best brands at a grocery store chain, try a restaurant supply house, or fish wholesaler. If you live up north, it's not like you can get fresh anyway (although I heard sometimes there are some available from Maine, but I've never run into them).

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        Pouring a cup of white wine over the shrimp just to rinse them is a good way to take "that" taste away. Also agree that S.American shrimp (particularly Argentian shrimp from Trader Joes) are much better than the Thai stuff.

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          The very best pre-cooked shrimp that I have had, and I have had many, is the Argentenian shrimp from Trader Joes. The texture and taste is excellent. I brought it to my last bookgroup with a few dipping sauces and everyone was saying that the shrimp tastes very fresh and flavorful. I kept my mouth shut and didn't tell them what it was. Ha!