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Oct 5, 2004 06:56 PM


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Does anyone have a recipe for the Portuguese stew called soupish or know where I can do a search? Thank you.

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    1. re: Sweet Pea

      It wasn't included, but what a fun site!

    2. I asked a Portuguese co-worker. He has not heard of "soupish".

      1. Try this "soupas" - I have had other people call it something like "silpash" too...


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          Betsy Saunders

          In the Fall River, MA area (heavy on Portuguese immigrants), "soupish" is a traditional soup of meat cooked with spices. I believe it is a mispronounciation of "sopas", the correct Portuguese word for soup. In Portuguese, the "as" is pronounced more like "ash". I've attached a link.

          BTW, the "ish" is also sometimes tacked onto words for humor - usually by Anglos. (i.e., My husband is "Bill Saundish" to his Fall River buddies, I can only assume because of his love of Portuguese food.)


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            suezy saraiva

            hi my name is suezy i am portugese i will ask my dad how to make it I am from Benicia Ca where there are alot of portugese people,i've had soupish but mostley when i was young. I know the beef has to cook a long time,and the bread has a sweet tast to it.i will try to get the resipe from someone in my family with in the next few days. ps are you portugese?

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            1. re: suezy saraiva

              I know this is a while since you posted...Have you got any more info. on soupish?? Like to fix this dish for a party. Thanks Davidncosta. Yuma Az. 9285811258