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Best Pumpkin Pie recipe?

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What's your favourite pumpkin pie recipe?

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  1. Many people say the recipe on the back of the can of Libby's Pumpkin Puree is the best. I can say it is very good.

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      Thanks, that's the one I usually make but substitute whipping cream for the evaporated milk. It's really good.

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        Caitlin McGrath

        I prefer to substitute brown sugar for white in the Libby's recipe. Complements the spices and pumpkin flavor well. (I have to credit my mother for that, since that's how she does it.)

        1. re: Caitlin McGrath

          Sometimes I use brown sugar, sometimes I use white but add some molasses in place of some of the sugar.

          I don't think I ever follow a recipe exactly. Makes it hard when somebody asks for it, what variation did I use this time?

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          Regarding substituting whipping cream for evaporated milk in the pumpkin pie, I assume you don't whip it, just use it instead of evap milk. Am I correct? I will have to try this.

          I was debating whether to make an apple crisp or pumpkin pie this weekend - fall is definitely here in MI - but I think the pumpkin just won me over. D.

          1. re: Donna - MI

            No, I don't whip the cream before adding it. It bakes for a bit longer time. You might need to put tin foil over the crust edges. Sometimes I do, sometimes it doesn't brown that quickly.

      2. c

        Always just made the one on the back of the One-Pie can (and what wouldn't I give for a wall-sized reproduction of that label). Why mess with perfection? But if you're itching for a change, you can add variety by swirling cheesecake batter into the pie. Pumpkin and cream cheese have a natural affinity, and I think the contrast of the swirl works better than regular pumpkin cheescake. If you're making several desserts for the holidays, you can usually either plan another, very different cheesecake item for a buffet and take from the batter before you flavor, or you can bake off a regular cheesecake and freeze it for use later.

        1. There are pumpkin pie recipes where you mix the custard (pumpkin, eggs, sugar, dairy, spices) in a bowl, pour into a pie shell and bake. Then there are the recipes where you cook the custard stove-top a little and then pour into a partially baked pie shell and finish in the oven. I prefer the latter. I think there's one in Cook's Illustrated "Best Recipe" cookbook, but I've seen them in other cookbooks too. The stove-top recipes tend to be a little less mealy with wonderful color, but they are a little more complicated. I think it's worth it.

          1. My secrets: use fresh roasted butternut squash instead of canned pumpkin. You can roast the squash whole (just jab some steam holes in the sides) until soft, then cut open and scoop out seeds and goo. Mash squash or put through a food mill. Makes a huge difference--filling comes out light and almost fluffy instead of dense and custard-y.Second--prebake the pie shell. Do the blind-bake thing with foil or parchment and beans, then bake for another couple minutes, just until very lightly colored and firm. Let cool, then pour in pie filling and bake again. No more soggy crust!

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              I make a butternut squash pie with a roasted maple chestnut puree as a base between the crust and the squash filling.

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                This sounds amazing. Is it a recipe from somewhere or your own invention?

                1. re: K. McB.

                  My own invention. I mix up chestnut puree that I puree from canned roasted chestnuts if not in season, add cream, and maple syrup. I layer it on top of the crust, then make a butternut squash pie filling similar to my recipe for pumpkin. People are generally very surprised when they taste it. As for the butternut part, my grandmother still insists that it's pumpkin. :)

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                    If you'd like more precise amounts, I can go dig out the recipe...

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                      I'd love for your to post the recipe. Sounds delicious!

                      1. re: Samantha

                        Sorry for the delay, but I've posted the recipe on the Cooking Board.

            2. This is it. I've been making it for over 20 years and it's the only pumpkin pie I really like. I use my own home-made pumpkin puree and it's really delicious. The flavour is lighter and less spicy than the usual kind - but I think it allows the taste of the pumpkin actually emerge from the murk. And since this coming weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada - I'll be making two of these on Sunday.

              Honey Pumpkin Pie

              2 eggs
              1-3/4 cups pumpkin puree
              3/4 cup honey
              1 tsp. cinnamon
              1/2 tsp. ginger
              1/2 tsp. nutmeg
              1 cup evaporated milk
              1/2 cup regular milk
              1 unbaked 9 or 10-inch pastry shell

              Preheat the oven to 425o F (220o C)

              Place all the ingredients into the container of a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into unbaked pie shell (preferably 10-inch

              Bake the pie for 15 minutes at 425o F (220o C), then lower the heat to 350o F (180o C) and continue baking for another 45 minutes, or until a knife slipped into the center of the pie comes out clean.

              Cool to room temperature before serving with plenty of whipped cream.

              Makes about 8 servings.

              1. The "ultimate pumpkin pie" from Epicurious.com.

                1. The best I ever made was the one I just tried last week. I used the Libby's recipe for the filling, and made my own crust using a slight variation of Alton Brown's linked below. I cut the corn meal to 1/8 cup and just used water instead of apple juice. The grainy, rustic character of the corn meal crust went really well with the pumpkin filling. My girlfriend, a pumpkin pie connoisseur, proclaimed it the best ever.

                  Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

                  1. I second the Ultimate Pumpkin Pie from epicurious.com, been making it for years. I use a regular pie crust, though.

                    1. Has anyone tried the recipe from _Chez Panisse Desserts_? I'm considering giving it a try and would appreciated any feedback.

                      1. My favorite is this gingery, cream cheesy, limey, walnuty (though a little complicated) one from chef Pichet Ong:

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                          Thanks for the link, abijah. That sounds utterly delicious. I copied the recipe and it will be on my To Bake list. A nice thing is that it uses fresh kabocha which, unlike pumpkin, is available all year long.

                          1. I have to say, the Libby's label recipe is just great, especially if you use brown sugar in place of white (or molasses -- same thing), but my all time favorite pumpkin pie recipe comes from Richard Sax's Classic Home Desserts cookbook. In fact it's called "Best Ever Pumpkin Pie". I'm making it now... mmm! http://tinyurl.com/26p6wka

                            1. I like a recipe that adds cream cheese. Think creamier pumpkin pie not cheesecake. There is an allrecipies version with condensed milk and cream cheese and no other added sugar - here it is: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pumpkin-.... Change up the spices as you wish - I almost double 1 t using a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger. Most people's pumpkin pie spice is so old that you have to double to get more flavor.

                              Edited - the comments say that the recipe makes two pies instead of one. If you are using the disposable aluminum pans then probably two. If you are using a normal pie pan then one pie. I did get an extra cup or two of filling that I put in a pyrex and baked in another bigger pyrex full of water (custard style) with no crust as a yummy treat or breakfast for the chef.

                              1. Has anyone tried Bobby Flay's Throwdown (winning) Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon Crunch and Bourbon-Maple Whipped Cream? It's been occupying a little corner of my brain ever since I first stumbled across it.

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                                  that pie did look so good on the show! the strange thing is that the recipe you linked to is on the FN site, *as well as* another version...no idea which one is correct!
                                  here's the other version:


                                  the competitor's recipe is also up if you're interested:

                                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                    Wow, I never realized there are two versions of the recipe floating out there. The one I linked was printed in his Throwdown cookbook. Maybe the other recipe was posted on the website after the episode aired. My guess is that after testing the recipe for the cookbook they made some modifications so it's probably "safer" to try that one first.
                                    Happy Thanksgiving!

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                                      you know, the one that's the same as your link is listed on the FN site as "Bobby Flay's Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon Crunch and Bourbon-Maple Whipped Cream," it's credited to the cookbook & publisher, and hasn't been reviewed by anyone...which leads me to believe that they modified *that* one after seeing the comments/feedback on the other recipe simply labeled "Throwdown Pumpkin Pie." hmmm...might have to do a little experimenting - his basic spices & flavors are quite similar to what i use, so i might play around with an attempt.

                                      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

                                2. I make a pumpkin-walnut pie, but I make 50% more of the topping because I like the crunchy contrast to the creamy pumpkin filling. It works equally well with a traditional pie crust as it does w/ a graham cracker crust.


                                  1. I use the Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk recipe, but I cook down Jack-O-Lanterns for the filling. I do not puree, just use a potato masher. This way the pie has some texture to it. Just say no to canned pumpkin.

                                    The crust is the water whip pie crust from Spry shortening - old recipe from Mom. The shortening is whipped with boiling water to the consistency of whipped cream before the flour is added. Great crust.

                                    I play with the spices some; cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, nutmeg.

                                    My pies have been enjoyed by self proclaimed haters of pumpkin pies.

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                                      I once did a head to head comparison of roasted pumpkin (cooking varietal) to canned pumpkin. To my shock (dismay) the canned pumpkin pie tasted better.

                                      1. re: Funwithfood

                                        Everyone's tastes , and cooking styles are different. I just ran one of my pies over to a neighbors house for dinner, and it got rave reviews from everyone. Like I said I use more than the standard pie spice mix. Others have noted that it isn't as sweet as store pies, and they like that fact. I am going to keep doing what I am doing since everyone seems to like them that way. I am going to try some experiments though since I have ton of pumpkins available.

                                    2. A couple of years ago, I took a pastry class, "Easy as pie". And our instructor told us to always blind bake the pie shell. It does make a huge difference to me now.

                                      And I make the pumpkin pie from the back of the Libby's can as well.