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Sep 30, 2004 10:55 AM

Question about egg quantity in a cake batter

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Good morning,
I am making a spice cake and narrowed my
cake choice down to 2 recipes. One recipe
calls for 2 eggs and the other 3 or 4 eggs?
My question is what do more eggs do to a
cake batter? I have always been curious
about this but keep forgetting to ask. Would I be better off making the 2 or 4 egg batter?

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  1. The King Arthur cookbook basic brownie recipe says to use 2-4 eggs based on your preference. I can't remember it's exact words but the more eggs the moister, denser???

    Basically it affects the texture.

    1. "Eggs do play an important role in helping cupcake and other batters make the transformation from a liquid to a cake. This transformation hinges on the protein in eggs, which coagulates during baking as the temperature increases. As the batter rises to its maximum height, it also becomes firm as a result of the protein coagulating, so baked goods such as cupcakes hold their shape once out of the oven."


      "Eggs, as well as flour, are the structural ingredients in baking. Eggs provide leavening; add color, texture, flavor and richness to the batter. They are very important in helping to bind all the other ingredients together. Beaten eggs are a leavening agent as they incorporate air into the batter, which will expand in the oven and cause the cake to rise."

      So, I'm taking more eggs, especially beaten, help create a firmer crumb, and add loft and richness. I'm assuming the additional liquid helps create a moister cake as well.

      1. I say make both versions and see which you prefer.