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Sep 28, 2004 10:52 AM

How do I get chili oil off of my hands?

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After I finish chpping spicy chilis, the oil stays on my hands. Even after scrubbing with soap and water - the darn stuff remains. I rubbed my eyes the other night and felt like I had been tear-gassed. Any suggestions welcome.


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  1. Next time I'd use rubber gloves.

    1. I haven't treid anything that works well- maybe someone has a good answer. I pour dry baking soda on my hands and rub it all over hands and fingers. Then I wash with soap and h2o. After about 2 hours, and not touching anything vital, it seems to be okay.

      1. what about nail polish remover? stuff smells gross, but it takes paint off- why not chili oil?

        1. Wash your hands with rubbing alcohol, then with soap and water.

          I use disposable gloves, cost ~$7 for a box of 100.

          1. i posted this same question a few months back and i found that there really is nothing to get rid of it. it just takes time for the oil to wear off.

            since then though, i've purchased disposable gloves from the grocery store and they are definitely worth it.