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Sep 28, 2004 10:06 AM

Smoked Salmon- - How long does it stay fresh?

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Just wondering how long smoked salmon will last in my fridge. Are there particular brands anyone would recommend? What do I look for to ensure freshness? Thanks for your fishy insight.

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  1. I had some in my fridge two weeks in a tupperware recently and it was fine, not as tasty as when first bought but definitely not "off". All gone now so can't tell you how much longer it might keep!

    1. Vacuum packed smoked salmon will keep quite well in the refrigerator, and it also freezes well if you overbuy. I had a big crowd recently and bought a few packages of the Kirkland (Norwegian?) smoked salmon at Costco. It was excellent -- better than a lot of higher-priced alternatives (and better than the other brand that they sell).

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        I've never had it go bad on me, and I keep it for weeks sometimes. I prefer Irish or Scottish.

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          I purchased Norwegian Smoked Salmon at a local wholesale club last Tuesday, Nov. 15. I stuck it in the fridge not realizing I was not going to serve it until Thanksgiving morning. The Salmon is sealed and has not been opened. Do you think it will be ok or should I freeze now or do I need to throw away? YOur prompt response is greatly appreciated.

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            They should have a sell by date on the package, if you just bought it I would guess it would be after New Years.