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Sep 23, 2004 12:32 PM

What's the difference in French Oven and Dutch oven?

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O.K., I'm looking to buy le creuset set - and I'm comparison pricing - anyone know what the difference between a french oven and a dutch oven is - or are the dealers just trying to confuse folks?

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  1. They are the same thing.

    1. i have a no-name french oven and it is the same thing as a le crueset dutch oven. the only difference is that there is no knob handle on the lid, and it was significantly less expensive than it's le crueset comparison.

      1. Well, in modern parlance, they are normally equivalent, but French ovens may be oval (which I prefer) or round.

        Historically, though, a true Dutch oven had a cover that allowed you to mound hot embers or coals over it.

        Some ovens have surfaces on the underside of the cover that are designed to wick condensation back into the cooking pot, rather than slide down along the edges.

        1. Someone posted here last year about the specials on Le Creuset at the Caplan Duval web site. I got some at amazing prices. You have to kind of poke around the web site -- look at the specials and overstocks as well as the Le Creuset section. (Although I use my round ones more often than the oval ones, the oval ones are very useful for braising elongated cuts of meat or whole poultry.)


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            I've bought a bunch of new Le Creseut on ebay and been very happy with the prices and quality. Just be sure to check out in advance caplan duval, amazon and other places to get a sense of prices and then find a reliable seller on ebay. don't forget that shipping costs when comparing offers. amazon sometimes has free shipping

          2. I have seen them called "Casserole pots", too. All the same.