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Sep 15, 2004 05:25 PM

Fromage Blanc vs. Quark

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I am making a layered salad this weekend using produce from Union Square Market in NYC. From the bottom up, it will have diced avocado, sliced sun gold tomatoes, sliced roasted beets, and micro greens. The dressing is a vinaigrette made with fresh navel orange juice, reduced chicken stock, sushi vinegar and grape seed oil. I was thinking of incorporated some cheese into the salad, and was considering fromage blanc or quark -- fresh ricotta would be a possibility but I am looking for a lower fat (not necessarily no fat) alternative. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Both fromage blanc and quark are so bland and relatively runny -- it doesn't seem like they would work that well in a salad. Personally I would prefer something firmer with a stronger flavor like a chevre or a feta -- isn't feta lower in fat? It seems like fromage blanc would give the salad an odd creamy texture. I think of it as something to eat with a spoon with fruit.

    1. Avocado, tomato and greens -- yes.
      Beets, cheese and greens -- yes.
      Beets and tomato? nuh uh. Beets and avocado? -- don't think so.

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        Beets and avocado go together quite well, imho.

      2. Are the avocados at the Untion Square Market from New Jersey or the Hudson Valley?

        1. I love beets, but isn't the whole thing going to be (blood) red from them? Soft cheese would make it even worse, I'd think.

          1. Thanks for the responses. I could see how chevre or feta would work, but I want something very fresh. In my mind, I have an idea of a small curd fresh cheese that is not running but not too firm or dense either. Any suggestions. Also, the combination of sun gold cherry tomatoes and beets works well -- sweet and acidic and sweet and earthy, and the avocado adds a nice creaminess. Also, I should have noted that I buy the avocado at Citarella, not Union Square. Remarkably, the avocados at Citarella are always ripened perfectly and wonderfully creamy.

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              I've yet to taste it, but burrata seems to fit the bill texture wise.

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                Ricotta sounds like exactly what you are looking for.