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Sep 6, 2004 12:07 PM

Help - our yogurt is gone!

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I had just recently discovered Total Yogurt - with the name Fage - at Trader Joe's and they've discontinued it.
We are having yogurt withdrawal!

Someone told me that the FDA took it off the market.

Total Yogurt was amazing. We would buy the 0% fat, and it would be thick and delicious enough to use as a topping for fruit or raw vegetables. It had body!

Is there any other yogurt out there that can compare?
We live in Philly, and have access to Whole Foods and all the major supermarkets.

Hope someone can help!


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  1. I think the appeal of Total Yogurt is that it is thickened (tho' the flavor is good too). You can easily make your own thickened yogurt from your favorite standard yogurt. Just check that it doesn't have texturizing agents added (gelatin, carrageenan, etc.) Spread a clean tea-towel or a couple layers of cheesecloth in a colandar over a bowl. Dump the yogurt in and let the whey drip out for a couple of hours. Scrape the yogurt back into its container and stir it briskly to get it creamy. Use the whey for soups, particularly Indian lentil soups.

    We use Axelrod and prefer the flavor to Total Yogurt.

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      It does sound like this may be an error or a rumor, but the appeal of Total is not just that it's thick. It has a particular taste I remember from yogurt we had in Greece. Some of the suggested alternatives are quite good, but Greek yogurt is special.

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        When I can't get Greek yogurt, I put regular Danone whole yogurt in a Melita coffee strainer and it comes out perfectly.

      2. There's been a huge thread about this on the San Francisco board. This may be just a rumor, but even if it's not the case, there are several other options including making something similar at home yourself. Check it out at the link below.


        1. m
          Melanie Wong

          Sylvia, here's a link to a discussion on the SF Bay Area board with some of the alternatives 'hounds have suggested that might be available in Philly. It is odd though, as there was plenty of Total on the shelf at SF's TJs when I was there yesterday.


          1. z
            Zach Georgopoulos

            There was a long discussion of this on the San Francisco board a few days ago (link below), with a lot of confusion ensuing. While it was reported that Whole Foods stopped carrying it because of some sort of import snag, people have found it at various local Tradeer Joes. Just yesterday, I saw plenty of it at Lunardi's, a small grocery chain in the SF area. Meanwhile, there's nothing in the news about it being taken off the market. Could just be one big misunderstanding, or rumor.

            Anyhow, should it come to pass that Total is not available at all, my suggestion here is the same as to the SF board -- buy Kefir Cheese from your local middle-eastern imports store. It's thicker than Total, and contains different enzymes than yogurt, but it's a pretty good substitute. There are various brands. Do not confuse it with Kefir, which is a drinkable version -- you want the Kefir Cheese.


            1. s

              I just checked the fda site and also googled for a story, chowhound is the only thing that shows up on google. The company website hasn't posted a press release since 2003. There could be an import glitch, but it could be that Trader Joe's just stopped carrying it. I used to be able to get lovely Dover Sole at bargain prices at ours here near DC, we are governed by a Massachusetts based regional headquarters. We ate it once a week! Well, they discontinued it and the answer I was given was that they didn't do enough volume in with this item and decided to stop carrying it. There are several other things at Trader Joe's that I have enjoyed and seen disappear as well. This is a nice yoghurt, it's too bad!