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What to do with leftover cooked white rice?

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Our local standby delivery Chinese restaurant has ceased offering brown rice, despite our protests. As we (me and fiancee) greatly prefer brown rice with their dishes, we've taken to making up a batch of brown rice out of our own "stash" to accompany our delivery orders. We've tried requesting that they leave off the white rice that comes with delivery, but to no avail (limited English and poor cellphone audio quality are contributors).

The question, therefore, is: what is a good use for the periodic orders of cooked white rice that we amass? Neither of us likes rice pudding or desserts that use white rice. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

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  1. How about fried rice?

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      Paul Trapani

      If it's moist and not dried out, you can mash it (I use a potato masher) up and use it in meatballs instead of bread crumbs.

      1. Perfect for making stuffed peppers.

        1. Whenever I make rice dishes I do it in quantity and freeze in serving sizes to accompany any meat I might be serving.

          I am not crazy about white rice, but you could freeze it then add a liquid (milk, chic broth) plus sliced green onions or herbs when you need a side dish.

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            Judith Hurley

            Add some tomato sauce, thinned with a little chicekn broth and spiced with cumin and powedered oregano or simply some curry powder and a tablespoon of oil, toss with some peas or black beans and warm it up in the oven in a covered pyrex dish, about 45-50 minutes at 350 or so, until it gets a little crusty around the edges. Mix it up ahead of time and throw it in the oven when you get home from work with some marinated chicken and you have something better than take out in the time it takes you to sort the mail and get out of your high heels.

            1. Didi Eamons' book, "Vegetarian Planet", has a section on the risotto cakes she used to make at the DeLux cafe. The basic concept was leftover Japanese rice, mixed with a binder and formed into patties. She would fry them up and serve them under a stew or a ratatouie (sp?).

              That book is not here with me right now, or I would post recipies.


              1. Return it with the delivery agent or throw it out. If you don't even like white rice--which is worth cents-- it can't be worth the effort.

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                  Throw food out? Wait. Ummm. Throw food out? No. Unless it's turning - no. There are starving children, perhaphs next door. It may only cost cents, but that's what costs many so much.

                  When I was single and I bought a loaf of bread that I knew would either get chucked in the freezer or molder away in my microwave, I would make sandwiches for the homeless guys in the alley behind my coach house apartment. They were quite happy to have them. They called me the "sandwich lady". One night I was attacked near the train station and those homeless guys saved my life. I was saved, simply, because of old bread and meat (which was, of course, still fine)that I was just going to toss. Food Karma.

                  Use the rice for croquettes, IMHO.

                  And try not to toss food out. The life you save may be your own.

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                  Olympia Jane

                  Continue to say "No rice" when you place your order. When the food order comes, open the bag and as politely as possible return the box of white rice, and simply say "No thank you, we did not order this, we made brown rice for the meal."

                  1. I add it to soup, ramen other broth/soup dishes I make at home. But I like white rice. Growing up as a Korean kid we pretty much eat it every day.

                    1. I'm with Limster. Fry it, of course! You can't make fried rice with freshly cooked white rice, but left-over rice is perfect for frying.

                      The simplest form of fried rice: heat up enough vegetable oil to coat the bottom of a frying pan, add finely chopped fresh garlic. Cook over low-medium heat until light golden in color. Add the rice, heat through, and salt to taste.

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                        Throw in some carrots, green onions, bits of sauteed baked tofu, some egg that you cooked and sliced up; season with some sesame oil, a bit of braggs, and plenty of white pepper... top with blanched broccoli. This is a super quick and easy dinner - - I do this every once in a while when we have leftover white rice. I try to keep the vegetable:rice ratio leaning pretty high toward the veggies to keep it healthy-ish. And I go pretty light with the oil - really just enough to coat the wok is fine, I've found.

                      2. Jamaican Rice and Beans... just Google search for a recipe that serves it over cooked rice rather than one that cooks the rice with it. Generally the recipes include coconut milk and thyme...

                        1. I sometimes use leftover rice to make a frittata: scramble up some eggs, add the rice, some chopped green onions, fresh spinach and fry! It makes a whole meal.

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                            Tom from Durham

                            Throw it in some broth and water, cook it a long time until you've got a congee. Add slivers of ginger, shredded chicken, scallion, maybe some Shaoxing sherry, maybe some soy sauce, maybe some rice wine vinegar, a halved hard-boiled egg if you want. That'll make a pretty nice jook.

                            1. The fritata with rice is a yummy idea, its great cut into small squares and served as apps.

                              Another use is for pet food. If you have a friend with a dog that has stomach problems, cooked rice is a must to have on hand.

                              1. Not clear whether you just plain don't like white rice. If so, feed it to the birds or add it to your dog's food. If you expect to eat it, ever, you can freeze it little plastic sandwich bags and use it up as the occasion arises. Add some to ground meat (and other stuff) to make a filling for green peppers. Add it to chicken broth to make soup. Have it for dessert with fruit and cream. I routinely freeze cooked rice in individual portions and microwave it when I want it. The more pressed you are for time, the less you will care that it's not freshly-cooked.

                                1. Thanks for all of the suggestions, and also, in particular, to bryan for the sentiment -- it's just unconscionable to throw out food, I agree.