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Aug 31, 2004 02:38 PM

Replacement for sake or mirin in Asian recipes

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Wondering what non-alcohol replacement I could use for Mirin or Sake in Asian recipes?

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  1. add a few tablespoons more sugar to aid carmelization(many recipes call for mirin and sugar)

    or just leave it out

    alcohol usually cooks out anyway but I will not be nosy and ask you why the concern (and mirin mixtures are not always cooked, so that's a moot point i made!)

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    1. re: folklaur70

      sorry - i just replied about mirin

      replacement for sake? not sure except, again, leave it out.

      would help to know if its the alcohol you object to or you just cannot get these items? (sorry, kinda nosy!)

      1. re: folklaur70

        Religious reasons---can't have the alcohol. Even if it evaporates.

    2. to subsitute for mirin: maybe dilute some rice vineger with with water, add some sugar and heat to dissolve.

      A less sweet mixture might work for a sake alternative.