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Aug 31, 2004 02:23 PM

freezing gazpacho

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does anyone have experience freezing gazpacho-if it freezes well and doesn't become mush?

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  1. I've never frozen mine, but I can't imagine it wouldn't become mush. That's the nature of most raw veggies. Once frozen and thawed, they become mushy - particuarly peppers, cukes and other stuff that's pretty standard for gazapacho.

    1. I have frozen gazpacho, but mine was "immersion blendered". It was 80% as good as fresh.

      1. I've experimented with freezing gazspacho to get the fresh tomato flavor to last through the cold months. What I've found works is to make and freeze it without the cukes and green peppers, and add those after it defrosts. The tomato and onion fare fine - green pepper less so - and defrosted cukes are really a bummer.