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Aug 27, 2004 02:06 PM

Recipe Needed - I think the name is Nanaimo Bar

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Recently I was visiting Vancouver and discovered a desert similar to a brownie - but better. I think the name was Nanaimo or something like that.
Does anyone know the recipe or where I can find one?
It has three layers: bottom is brownie -style base and top is melted chocolate. The center is a vanilla whip cream - similar to Devil Dogs - but has something special in it that I can't define.
I'd appreciate any help.

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  1. I have drooled over Nanaimo Bar threads on both the General and Canada boards. Here's a link to one great-sounding recipe (the thread this came from has at least one other). You may want to try Ctrl-F'ing these boards for more.


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      The San Francisco Chronicle recently did an article about these bars--recipe link below.


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        The above recipe is exactly the one I grew up making in B.C. and it's always a hit.
        The one below doesn't have custard powder in it and I really think it's much better with it.

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          I buy Bird's Custard Powder in a shop that specializes in foods imported from England. I think it is crucial for these bars.

      2. Here's a link to my friend Barry's recipe. Apparently he was quite famous for it during grad school. Even though he has made significant contributions to his field since then and will continue to, his Nanaimo bars live on. He's never made them for me...I'll have to work on that.

        There are metric versions of his recipe on the web too. Just do a google search for his name and nanaimo and you'll turn up the other version on various web sites.


        1. Nanaimo Bars are named after Nanaimo, British Columbia (I guess they were invented there) and are considered a Canadian delicacy, along with butter tarts. Recipes for them abound. The filling is made with Bird's Custard powder.

          There is a similar, but not as rich bar, known as "Tweedies"