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Aug 19, 2004 09:42 PM

How long can you keep raw egg yolks in the fridge?

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I made a couple of egg-white omelets recently, and I saved the yolks from the eggs I used in a Tupperware in the fridge, thinking I would make a zabaglione ice cream recipe from the (London) River Cafe cookbook that requires a lot of yolks. Now I'm ready to make the ice cream, but I'm wondering if, after several days, the yolks are safe to eat. I'll be cooking them to almost boiling in the recipe, but not of course actually boiling them. So, basically, how long can you keep separated raw eggs in the fridge?

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  1. Toward the bottom of the helpful FAQ (linked below) is the following information:
    "The faster you use your eggs, the less time any potential bacteria will have to multiply. However, when properly handled and stored, eggs rarely spoil. Instead, as an egg ages, the white becomes thinner, the yolk becomes flatter and the yolk membrane weakens. Although these changes may affect appearance, they don’t indicate spoilage and don’t have any great effect on the nutritional quality of the egg or its functions in recipes. Rather than spoiling, if you keep eggs long enough, they’re more likely to simply dry up – especially if they’re stored in a moisture-robbing, frost-free refrigerator."

    I also found several sites that suggested using them within four days or freezing them (probably a safer course of action).

    Finally, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency:
    "To freeze raw egg yolks: beat in 1/8 tsp. salt or 1 1/2 tsp. sugar or corn syrup for every 4 egg yolks, pour into a freezer container, seal the container tightly, label container with the date so you know when you froze them, label container with the number of eggs.
    You can freeze eggs for up to 6 months. Defrost them in the refrigerator or under cold running water just before you use them."

    Good luck,

    Gypsy Boy


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      I've always frozen egg whites but had no idea one could freeze the yolks. Would you happen to know the impact the freezing process has on yolks, in terms of texture or taste or in terms of using them for baking? I'm also really interested in finding out whether yolks which have been frozen can be used to make mayo.

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        According to OChef (link below):

        "You can freeze egg yolks. If you’re likely to use them within five days of cracking open the shell, you can safely keep them, covered, in the refrigerator. For longer storage, you can keep them in the freezer for up to four months.

        Sharon Tyler Herbst, author of several cooking reference books, including The Food Lover’s Tiptionary (Canada, UK) — silly title, useful book — says that yolks become gelatinous when frozen, so gelatinous that they can be hard to use. She recommends that you mix 1/8 teaspoon of salt or 1-1/2 teaspoons of sugar or corn syrup with every four yolks you freeze to inhibit their becoming gelatinous. If you try this, make sure you label the container clearly, so that four months from now you know whether you are supposed to be making custard or Hollandaise."\

        There is also a very helpful general page on freezing eggs in whole or in part at the website of Fort Valley State University College of Agriculture in Georgia

        Good luck,

        your eggs-pert

        Gypsy Boy


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          Thanks Gypsy Boy not only for your "eggs-pert" info. but also for the link to OChef. It looks like a great site for recipes.

    2. I want to pre-make stuffing for Xmas and cook it 2 days later. The recipe calls for raw eggs and coddled milk. How long can these two ingredients stay refridgerated for?