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Aug 18, 2004 07:44 AM

Dairy conversions

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It occurred to me that other people might find this useful. I drink skim or 1% milk. But when I cook, I find I need a variety of different things I might not stock in the larder. I came up with a conversion chart to help me make equivalents when I have different types of cream on hand. The following is added to 1 cup of skim (or, in many cases, 1%) milk to approximate 1 cup of:

Add (to approximate 1 cup of)
1.5 tsp heavy cream (1% milk)
1 Tbs heavy cream (2% milk)
2 Tbs heavy cream (whole milk)
5 Tbs 1 tsp heavy cream (half-&-half)
9 Tbs heavy cream (light cream)
1 tbs light cream (1% milk)
1 tbs 2 tsp light cream (2% milk)
3 tbs light cream (whole milk)
5 oz light cream (half-&-half)
2 tbs half & half (1% milk)
3 tbs half & half (2% milk)
4 tbs half & half (whole milk)

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