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Aug 11, 2004 04:50 PM

Mexcian Cheese Selections for Quesidillas?

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What is the best Mexican cheese to use for Quesidillas? I once had a quesidilla with a white and creamy cheese, but I have no idea which one it was. Any ideas?

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  1. perhaps it was oaxacan cheese, which is similar to mozzarella - it is white and melts very easily. It has a pretty mild flavor as well.

    Although, there is a chance you had queso asadero... it's also pretty mild and a good melting cheese.

    If I were making a quesadilla, I'd go with oaxacan cheese inside for its good melting/stringy quality, then sprinkle some queso anejo shavings on top (sort of like a parmesan/romano, sort of texture). That would give it some more flavor. Then again, there are countless options aside from just the cheese, but that is another discussion...

    - Adam

    1. There is a great cheese called oddly enough "Quesadilla" that melts like Monterey Jack but smoother and has more flavor IMO.

      I think the brand I buy is Cacique.

      1. Queso Blanco is a "mexican" cheese that fits your description.

        I use Montery Jack if I want mild, and sharp cheddar if I want flavor.

        1. You can even mix cheeses. I have used Pannela mixed with Cotija. Fresh made tortillas complete the picture. Monterey Jack mixed with Feta is a similar non latino substitute. Tortillas made fresh from the dried Masa Harina too.

          1. You have a couple of cheese options for classic melty quesadillas. My favorite is Chihuahua cheese, a mild melting cheese apparently introduced to Northern Mexico by Mennonite missionaries (globalization isn't anything new!). You can find similar melting cheese sold as Queso Quesadilla. I also enjoy that.

            As for the other postings: Queso blanco/ aƱejo/ boricua/ ranchero are solid, non-melting cheeses. (Boricua is Puerto Rican, for that matter.) These are more common cheeses in Mexico and are often eaten crumbled. They have a consistency like farmer cheese, feta, or any other crumbly white cheese.

            Enjoy your quesadillas!