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Aug 3, 2004 07:26 PM

help me remember this soft cheese from Chicago

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My mother used to bring back the most heavenly cheese from trips to Chicago. I'm pretty sure she said she got it at either a Polish or Greek market. It basically tasted of butter but was lighter and fluffier and completely addictive on warm French bread. It came in a container with a lid and was quite soft. Does anybody know what this could be? I'm not sure what nationality of market to look in. I can't remember the name at all, but I might recognize the name if I saw it.

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  1. Is it Quark? Found this def. on Google:
    Quark is a German word that simply means “curds”. This cow’s milk cheese, produced all over Central Europe, is virtually identical to Fromage Blanc, but with a slightly higher fat content. Quark is eaten like yogurt, blended with fruit. It is also a common ingredient used in European pastries, savory and sweet sauces, spreads and soufflés. Quark is so popular in Germany that it accounts for almost half of that country’s total cheese production. The average German eats about 10 lbs. of Quark a year!

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      Well, I love quark, but I use it like yogurt, eaten with fruit in a bowl. The cheese I'm thinking of seems much richer and is definitely from farther east.

    2. You should post this on the Chicago board. I am sure the Chicago chowhounds could help you out . Also try under shopping and cooking. Good luck.

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        It sounds a lot like marscapone, which can be found in specialty stores or Italian shops.

        1. Was it spreadable like butter? There is a soft cheese called "butterkase" or butter cheese, which has a mild, tangy flavor and soft texture, and looks almost like a stick of butter. It's great as a breakfast cheese, but it's not creamy like a cream-cheese, more the texture of a soft meunster or jack cheese. Could this be it?

          I used to find it at Trader Joe's in Los Angeles, but haven't seen it in several years.

          Here's a link on one you can buy over the internet:

          Link: http://www.gourmet-cheeses-of-the-wor...

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            Oops, never mind! Went back and re-read your description and it sounds like what you are looking for is more akin to a creamy, spreadable cheese rather than the one I suggested.

          2. Perhaps whole milk greek yogurt? It is strained, so not liquidy like one thinks of yogurt, and could easily be spread. If it was tangy, this could be it. TJ's, Whole Foods both have it, as well as other places, certainly.

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              No, I love that too, but this was not at all tangy but very sweet. The best description I can think of is if you took fresh ricotta and whipped it up with sweet butter. But it must not be very well-known, since no one seems to have a guess. It definitely had a Polish, Serbian or Greek-sounding name.