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Aug 3, 2004 09:44 AM

Pimm's #1 Cup

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Can anyone tell me what this is and how to serve it?

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    1. It's what they drink (in large quantities) in England while watching the Henley Regatta. See link for more info.


      1. It's important to know (which neither link below is clear on) that the classic Pimm's recipe in England calls for "lemonade", but English lemonade is not at all like American lemonade, and the link below calling for "fresh lemonade" is absolutely wrong. The closest American appoximation is Sprite.

        To make a classic Pimm's (as opposed to the "royal Pimm's cup, given in the other link below}, mix:

        1 part Pimm's
        2-3 parts Sprite

        in a tall glass. Garnish with cucumber slice, orange slice, lemon slice, mint. May be served over ice, but usually not in England.

        True that it's the drink of choice at Henley, but also a very good garden party drink. Don't have too much, though. The various aromatics in Pimm's are similar to those in Campari (though the drink is very different) and will give you a giant headache taken in excess.

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          "In England Pimms Cup is served with lemonade, that is, the British style of lemonade, comparable to our lemon-lime soda."....

          From the body of the link I provided.

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            My apologies, WLA. I missed that!

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              The author went on to say that they liked to use lemonade and then add a splash of soda to the mix as they opined that since, in the days when the drink was first invented there was no lemon-lime soda, they thought that this came close to what the drink actually tasted like "way back when". I kind of like that type of thinking, where you analyze the original recipe from a hundred years ago and then see how close you can come to duplicating it.

              I thought that this was a pretty carefully reached article in terms of authenticity after reading it through.

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                Though I did not see it credited that author of that is Dale DeGroff and it is included in his Craft of the Cocktail book. Interestingly his Pim's cup recipe in the book is slightly different using only 3oz of lemonade.


          2. re: lucia

            The giant headache part I can testify to from personal experience!! That's a very sneaky, albeit tasty, drink....

            1. re: lucia

              The British lemonade is far less sour and seems to rely more on the zest and pith for its flavor. I'd probably muddle some spent lemon wedges in a mixing glass, add the sprite and strain. It might also be worth experimenting with some of the European lemonades that come in the bottles with resealable stoppers. I've tried some in the past that taste very similar.

            2. Garnish is key. Cucumber, mint, and strawberry are the minimum garnishes in our house.

              We use imported British lemonade if we can find it or one of the French sparkling lemondades or sprite with extra soda water if we are pinched.

              1. I generally use ginger ale instead of sprite/7up... cucumber slices, lemon wedge, and good sized piece of cucumber skin/rind as a garnish. Also have heard it referred to as a Pimm's Chukker... as in Polo.

                It is one of my wifes FAVORITE summer drinks.

                I believe, but cannot be certain, that Pimm's may be a gin derivative.