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Aug 3, 2004 12:59 AM

Hummus Tips

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I'm going to be trying to make hummus at home. I don't have a food processor. Would a Blender work? What about a mortar and pestle? I want authenticity and quality as the #1 priority...I'm a bachelor, so I don't have much room for a blender. Hand blender work ok?

Any other preparatory tips?

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  1. I've never tried it in a blender, but that shouldn't stop you. My best tip for making hummus is this: for super creamy, even fluffy, hummus, thin it with WATER, even though the temptation is great to thin it with oil.

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      And if you've cooked your own chickpeas (practical in a pressure cooker) use the cooking water. It's delicious.

    2. The biggest problem with the blender is that it is difficult to get the chickpeas to move down to the blade and get chopped up. It takes a long time and frequent readjusting of the contents to eliminate that annoying air bubble that forms around the blade. Use plenty of water (or the fluid from around the canned chickpeas) to process.

      Generally, in a blender, I start with all the ingredients except the chiickpeas, puree them, then add the chickpeas on top.

      It does make nice hummous, but takes time.

      1. We make hummus alot, but we have a food processor. If you really want good hummus, use dry beans and not canned. You really can taste the difference. The beans don't need to be soaked, but they do need a bit of cooking before they get soft. Make sure they are soft first, since once you puree them, you can't go back.

        As far as a blender, it may be a hassle but I don't see why it would work.

        Also, as the other poster said, don't be afraid to add ALOT of water. I like my hummus really soupy, but my wife likes it more dry. She makes it her way, and I make it mine....Cumin is also great to add, even if your recipe doesn't call for it.

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          Second that -- hummus made from dried beans tastes completely different than canned or commercial. Fresher, "beanier".

        2. Try the recipe in Moosewood cookbook. It's excellent and easy. Although I use a food processor, you can use a ricer or potato masher make a good but coarse-textured hommous. You might want to make a paste of the garlic, sea salt, lemon juice and a few chick peas in a mortar to get good incorporation of those ingredients before mixing into the coarser ground beans. I You might get soup you try to do this in a blender. Perhaps a half-blender and half-mashed approach would work better.

          1. I use a fork, if making a double batch, I will start with a potato masher.

            "authenticity" ? I doubt that Mr. Hum had a food processor or blender when he first made hummus.