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Aug 1, 2004 11:59 AM


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I'm looking for interesting soup recipes. Preferably vegie, seafood, or including chicken/beef stocks. Not with pork.

So far, I usually make creme of leek, creme of broccoli, creme of mushroom, and a vegie/tomatoe based soup. But I'm looking for other good recipes and other types of soups.....clear, thick, cold, hot, asian, etc using fresh herbs and vegies.

Any ideas?


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  1. Check out Recipes from Bon Appetit and Gourmet and easy to search and navigate.

    1. i just made this gazpacho recipe and have been eating it all week. my suggestion, and what i'll do the next time i make it, is to process the red onion and garlic together first so that they are a little bit finer than the other veggies (i kept biting in to big chunks of raw garlic!). then add the rest of the vegetables, etc. i think i'm also going to add some cilantro and maybe a garnish of shrimp or crab. so yummy!!


      1. One of my favorites is standard homemade chicken soup but with the addition of garlic (in with the other veggies in the initial sweating stage), tomatillos, hominy (canned) (add these the last 20 - 30 mins), and cilantro. I also add a little good chili powder. It tastes Mexican although probably isn't, really, but it is healthy and filling.
        Incidentally, as long as you are putting cream in your soups, I'd call them "cream of whatever". "Creme" is either for an entirely French name or that stuff they put in Oreos.

        1. My favorite is a homemade curried chicken noodle,just like it sounds, regular chicken noodle, add a little curry powder and a few other spices. fabulous and great comfort food

          1. it is fun & fast to make miso soup & miso lasts in the fridge (the miso paste, not the miso soup)-- it is great for making a fast "instant" soup for 1 or 2 people-- use whatever veggies you have on hand

            minestrones are a ton of fun too, & seasonal-- you don't even really need a recipe, just throw in everything you like, & some beans & pasta or rice in a good broth

            lentil soups are not nearly as much work as people for some reason think they are

            for sure do a chicken wild rice--

            my favorite soup cookbooks are "soup: a way of life" barbara kafka & the daily soup's cookbook, also check out the section in deborah madison's "vegetarian cooking for everyone"

            soup beautiful soup