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Jun 13, 2004 09:15 PM

Looking for great Veal Scallopini

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Can anyone recommend somewhere in the city for great Veal Scallopini? Neighborhood doesn't matter, not TOO expensive please. Just looking for good food, no wine, atmosphere, etc.



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  1. First, though not an Italian speaker, I believe Scallopini to be a thin slice of something. Not a dish with Marsala and/or mushrooms and/or lemon juice and/or etc. So you might want to clarify.

    Next, it is kind of a medium-low end dish. By that I mean that though veal, it is not subject to precise measure or tasting and cooks in 3-5 minutes, so it isn't going to be the same any two times at a given restaurant.

    All that said, I like Veal Marsala at Ernesto's (Clement & 24th/25th Ave) and at Osteria (Presidio/Sacto).

    1. Veal Scallopini is an old dish. If you are looking for an "authentic" version of it, you won't do any better than...


      1. I love Veal Scallopini!

        I know Pazzia restaurant on 3rd and Folsom has that dish ocassionally, you might want to call and check.

        1. Osteria on presidio and sacramento SF.

          1. excellent veal scallopini w/mushrooms. original, saute w/ wine, garlic, olive oil. mushrooms. I've never had it anywhere else like this. The best. Don't go for atmosphere or service or you won't be impressed.