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Jul 29, 2004 08:34 AM

Best mail-order spice company?

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I need some spices and I'm thinking of getting them from some mail-order spice company. What experiences have you had--good or bad--with these companies? Any you particularly recommend, or recommend against? Tnx.

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  1. I have found that the best spice finds are at Indian stores, if you do not have a great one around give PenzeyÂ’s a try, I have always been happy with what I have gotten from them.


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    1. re: Sthitch

      I second this post. If you have a local indian or middle eastern food store, they will likely have very fresh bulk spices. Otherwise, Penzey's has the widest selection and best prices, imho. The Spice House and Atlantic Tea and Spice are smaller, but carry some of the odder spices that Penzey's doesn't.

      And in a pinch, if you need something before your shipment arrives, I have found that the house brand spices at Whole Foods/Bread and Circus are of good quality and are almost as fresh as ordering from Penzey's, albeit more expensive.

      1. re: EMDB

        Based out of Chicago, really great stuff, especially their cinnamons.

        They also have cheese blends, which are great for popcorn, potatoes, etc. And lots of gift boxes!

      2. re: Sthitch

        I second the rec for Penzey's...very good quality and selection. Prices are good. Always fresh, and if you order regularly they sometimes throw in freebies!

        1. re: Sthitch

          another vote for Penzey's--fresh spices, great, friendly midwestern customer service.

        2. in Ft. Worth. Great fresh spices and good prices. Really great chilis too and fresh gorund chili as well as blended chili.

          1. I cast my vote for Penzey's too. I order on-line and have always received my purchases on-time, and in tact. Their prices are great, the selection is huge, and the samples are nice too.