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Jul 25, 2004 01:02 PM


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I have a bunch of very ripe bananas and wan't to make banana bread. Can someone offer advice regarding the proper pan. I usually use metal loaf pans but the bread always comes out too dark. Should I switch pans, coat pan with shortening or maybe line the pan with parchment. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Move the breads higher up in the over, they go too dark on bottom if they sit too low. Move rack up to second notch and put them there. Always butter and powder the pan (melt the butter and brush it in, and then put powder, and hit edges so it coats it good. After you pour batter, tip the pans from edge to edge, and this will help it cook more evenly. If you like it slightly gooey inside, and not so cakey, take it out when there is still some gooeyness in very top about 1/2" deep. I add choc chips and pecans to mine as well.

    1. I make it in a glass loaf pan and although the crust is dark, it doesn't get too dark.
      If you like soft and custard-y banana bread, you might want to try baking it ina hot water bath. In my experience, the bread does not darken when baked in water bath.

      1. Metal pans are fine -- you should grease and flour them so that the batter can climb up the sides (otherwise the loaf will turn out dense). I use the Cook's Illustrated recipe and it always comes out great.

        1. Slightly OT: If you are looking to freeze the bread I would reccomend making muffins. I made a batch this weekend and used the paper cupcake liners. You can than just take out what you need and either nuke them or let defrost.

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            cover the loaf with foil for at least 40 mins of baking time...also i found that light colored aluminum pans (especially the cheap disposible ones) turn out an awesome loaf. Wilton also has a great pan in their "recipe right" is light grey and non-stick. Ive tried fancier pans by my favs are ones i mentioned.