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Jul 24, 2004 05:04 PM

what to do with a bunch o' jalapeños?

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couldn't resist buying a basketful of jalapeños at my farmers' market. now, what do i do with them? (not interested in making a vat of salsa or in poppers.)


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  1. You could pickle them.

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    1. re: Amy G.

      One of Rick Bayless' books has a great recipe for these pickles. They last a long time in the refrig and are a great garnish to any sort of burrito or other cheesey, beany mexican dish. Made with herbs, oil, onions carrots and garlic, they are much more interesting then the average bottled pickled pepper.

      1. re: jen kalb

        yes, i forgot about these. that's a great idea. anyone know the mexican name for this dish? it's driving me nuts! thanks!

        1. re: wo

          Jalapenos en escabeche is the name for the traditional pickled jalapenos. I used to make them when I had bumper crops from the garden...included lots of onions and carrots and fresh herbs. They keep a LONG time in the refrigerator. MMMMmmmmm

          1. re: desert rat
            wow i'm a dog

            hmmm. that's not what i was thinking of. it's the mix of spicy carrots and sometimes radishes that we get in mexican restaurants out here in los angeles (like at gibert's el indio in santa monica). anyone?

            1. re: wow i'm a dog

              let them turn red
              split them
              if you have a smoker low temp smoke with some mesquite
              basically back yard chipotles
              the problem with using your oven at home is the pepper fumes will be like somebody maced the house

              1. re: wow i'm a dog

                I know what you're talking about (from trips to Mexico)but I don't know the name of the mix either.

      2. If you have mint available, make jalapeño mint jelly. Great on grilled lamb chops or Weber grill roasted leg of lamb.

        1. I make a jalepeno-cherry tomato chutney when they are plentiful. Roughly chop and cook the peppers and tomatoes on low heat with a lot of chopped ginger, onion, white vinegar, sugar, pinch of salt. Adjust sour-sweet balance to taste. I prefer it very hot and somewhat sweet with a good amount of ginger. Cook until it's thick. Rough chop everything, no mincing. Be careful not to burn it.

          You can also make this with skinned peaches instead of cherry tomatoes. Use equal amounts of fruit and peppers and don't skimp on ginger.

          Great on cheese sandwiches or with cold meats.

          1. c

            ABT's of course. A favorite of the BBQ comunity. Halve the chile, smear with cream cheese, top w/ a little smokie, wrap in bacon. Smoke for a couple of hours over hickory. I've done these in the oven with good success, but not as good. I put them on a rack over a sheet pan to let the fat render out of the bacon. Totally addictive.

            1. A local restaurant serves their onion rings with jalapeno ketchup. I'm not a fan of ketchup, but it's pretty good. My daughter makes jalapeno butter to spread on sweet corn.
              Just dice em up and mix em in things.