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Jul 21, 2004 05:12 PM

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

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Does anyone know what kind of tea leaf or have a recipe for making hong kong style milk tea? It just never tastes the same when I make it at home.


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  1. If you're talking about that really strong, milky tea they serve at cheap dai pai dongs, I'm pretty sure it's just Lipton tea bags. I think they also mix it with evaporated milk.

    1. You're talking about the high-end version. Often you'll get it made with Owl brand 3-in-1 packets: instant tea, non-dairy creamer, and sugar conveniently premeasured.

      1. My husband makes strong HK style milk tea by perculating a special blend of milk tea leaves in a coffee perculator for about an hour. You can also add some egg shells to the leaves to neutralize the acidity (optional). Some people like condense milk with their milk tea. My husband likes to use evaporated milk and sugar. We are trying to stay away from hydrogenated fats..but I am pretty sure that adding a little coffee mate, along with the milk, makes the tea smoother.

        We have a friend who brings us the special tea blend from a Hong Kong Tea shop. I would think that a good strong black tea will do. Please do not use tea bags, since you will never get the right strength in the tea to stand up to the milk. Perhaps in a pinch, you can perculate the tea bags. By the way, lipton tea in Hong Kong, even the ones in tea bags, is celon tea. The lipton tea in the US is orange pekoe. There is quite a bit of difference between the two.

        Finally, if one must use the 3-1 instant milk tea mix, the lipton brand is much better than the Owl brand. Also, the instant Lipton milk tea from HK, also available in Vancouver, is slightly different than the ones you can get from 99 Ranch. We did an blind taste test among Owl, HK Lipton and US Lipton and HK Lipton instant 3 in 1 won hands down for smoothness, concentration and sweet to tea ratio.

        There is one other technique that the pro's use to make the milk tea smooth...they pour the tea back and forth between containers. We can't do that...but perculating the tea for a long time is pretty takes the "greenness" out of the tea. I hope this helps.


        1. I've used the Rickshaw brand of loose tea leaves. I boil the leaves (about 3T) and water (3 C) together in a pot on the stove. Then I'll mix a couple of tablespoons of sugar and approx. 3/4 can of evaporate milk. I let that cool off and put in the fridge as I like it cold.

          1. It is actually quite simple. Black tea is used. In dai-pai-dong stores, they do NOT use tea bags. To make authentic HK-style milk tea, usually anywhere from 5 to 15 types of black tea is used. Please go here and look at my reply: