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Canned Chicken

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Ok - So I know this isn't very chowhoundish of me, but I bought a couple cans (6 to be procise) of canned chicken chunk. Now what do I do with it?


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  1. My aunt used to buy that stuff a lot. It was mainly used in cold dishes, like chicken salad.

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      Make curried chicken salad, my favorite "ladies who lunch" salad--

      Combine mayo, curry powder, a little plain yogurt, salt, pepper, canned chicken, golden raisins, chopped carrot and celery, chopped granny smith apples, halved red seedless grapes, chopped toasted walnuts or pecans, and chopped scallions or a sweet white onion. Serve on a bed of lettuce, in a cucumber boat, or inside a hollowed-out tomato.

    2. I tried it once in a strata and it tasted like tuna fish (yuck!).

      My advise, give it to your postal carrier when they do their next food drive!

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        a really good way to get the tuna/canned taste out of the chicken is just to drain it REALLY good and heat it in a skillet with either, Cumin-for mexican dishes or garlic and onion powder.
        it took me a while to eat it again after the first time i tried it because i also thought it tasted like canned tuna. total turn off. but this definitely helps.

      2. TO all the snide commenters, you;ve probably been scarfing down quite a lot of canned chicken when you've eaten out at restaurants.

        Anyway, use it where you would use leftover chicken.

        A lot of people use it in mayonaise based salads or casaroles.

        Here's a link to a chicken pita sandwich with pistachios and lime vinagrette. It sounds pretty good.


        How about avacado chicken dip


        Ok, for all the philistines who scoffed at canned chicken, well, why not go ocmpletely crazy and make a five can chicken cassarole


        For this final link which has several canned chicken recipes, I love the enthusiasim of this woman. She is WOMAN ... W .. O ... M ... A ... N ...

        And she can feed 8 people with one can of chicken.

        She also makes a good point that it is safer than handling fresh chicken.

        Link: http://busycooks.about.com/cs/chicken...

        Image: http://z.about.com/d/gp/busycooks.gif

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          >>>you;ve probably been scarfing down quite a lot of canned chicken when you've eaten out at restaurants. <<

          No, I haven't.

        2. It could be used in just about any recipe that would call for canned tuna.

          I occassionally keep some in my locker at work with rice or pasta bowls for days when I've forgotten lunch - mix it with the partially nuked pasta/rice and finish nuking.

          One of the good things about it is that it can sit in your cupboard for a while and needs no cooking. It's always good to have a few things like that on hand for times when cooking may not be possible or practical. (Thinking blackout 2003)

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            It makes a decent chicken salad if you are in a hurry or don't have regular chicken handy.

          2. Gosh, I suppose I should have expected the strong dislike for canned chicken, but I confess I didn't know this was such an abberition! OK, I admit that I often use canned chicken in chicken enchiladas, and those who have eaten them, my chowish self included, have enjoyed them. When I make enchiladas, I usually make a 9" x 13" pan of them and freeze them, so this would be a good use of several cans.

            1. Trader Joe's makes a canned chunk chicken. Considering that TJ's name label products are usually vastly superior to the standard grocery label, I've always been curious to try it... though not so curious as to actually make a purchase!

              Has anyone eaten the TJ's canned chunk chicken?

              Mr. Taster

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                It's alright, and certainly better than the stuff on the shelves at the supermarket-- a little salty, but relatively fresh tasting. It flakes into small shreds as soon as you stir it into anything, so you don't get the chunks you'd get with real leftover chicken.

              2. What if you can the chicken yourself? Here's a recipe for 300 pounds of meat. Not sure how you would cut that down.

                Link: http://www.mcc.org/getinv/canning/rec...

                1. My friends call it Chuna - because it tastes like tuna.

                  They make some sort of weird dip out of it

                  1. I've never knowingly had canned chicken, but am wondering why the idea inspires such revulsion while canned tuna is so popular. Is there something about tuna that makes it, as opposed to other meats, suitable for canning? Or is this simply habit and tradition making the one acceptable and the other unthinkable?

                    This discussion is causing me to consider trying canned chicken. In private, of course.

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                      I've been thinking the exact same thing and I think I will go out and buy a can in protest of the response to this post.

                      Although, really the thought of it has always made me a little queasy and I'm fine with tuna. Until recently, in my kneck of the woods, the only tuna you could get was canned. So maybe that's why people accept it. Have mayo. Have bread. I'm going out and buying that chicken ... and ... if it is dreadful ... I have a cat and two dogs as backup. Sheesh. What a group. I'll bet most of the people compaining have never tried it ... I'll do it ... I'll brave the new world of canned chicken and report back. Hell, I might even write a canned chicken recipe book.

                      I hope Kelly isn't a first time poster. My first post was an inquiry about frozen pie crust and you would think I committed a felony just mentioning it.

                      1. re: Krys Stanley

                        Don't get your hopes up about the canned chicken - but it's OK in a pinch for chicken salad, etc.

                        By the way, I am so glad you are back, Stanley Stephan. I have missed your posts! Donna

                        1. re: Krys Stanley

                          Ok, at the risk of being shunned, I'll jump in and say we keep a few cans around for quick dinners. My roommate, a non-cook if there ever was one, has discovered that he can throw a can into a pan of rice pilaf and make an actual meal, with protein and everything. He also adds it to a can of tomatoes or some salsa and shredded cheese and puts it over rice, which makes a decent dinner in a hurry as well. Gag if you must, it's not that bad!

                          1. re: Krys Stanley

                            It tastes like chicken.

                            With the texture of tuna, but the taste of chicken. I finally get why tuna is called chicken of the sea.

                            I'm a purist about tuna salad and now chicken salad - just a can of drained chicken and a couple of tablespoons of Best Foods (aka Hellman's) mayo. I tried some on a croissant and some on a fig/walnut roll. It was enjoyable. It was better than tuna. There wasn't the fishy taste. BTW. it REALLY went well with the fig/walnut bread ... for you SF people .. it was a Bay Breads roll.

                            The added benefit was that there is a senior in the house and she has problems with meat. Fresh chicken is more than she can handle, so this will give her some variety to her current repetoir of hamburger, tuna and egg based dishes.

                            Well, thanks to some food snobbery, I have discovered a new food ... cammed chicken ... tuna of the coop.

                            1. re: Krys Stanley

                              Thanks for the report!

                              What was the brand? Was it packed in oil or water? If oil, was the oil olive or vegetable? Was it chunky or solid? Was it white meat or dark meat? Would it work in a caserole with noodles and bread crumbs?

                              1. re: Pantagruel

                                Don't know the brand. Ir was on sale at Albertsons. It was white meat packed in water. I would use the white meat for salad and will proably try the mixed white/dark meat for cassaroles.

                                The only down side to it was that it is really expensive which is why I picked up the sale can. It was runnin $2.50 - $3 for a 6 oz can.

                                That's pretty pricy when you can get a whole chicken on sale for that amount. However, for the convenience factor, it is nice. Also, for the senior lady it will be easier to eat instead of fresh chicken.

                                1. re: Krys Stanley

                                  Trader Joe's has a house-brand canned chicken -- right next to the canned tuna. I think it's in the same price range as the more expensive tunas, but well under $2 a can.

                                  1. re: Krys Stanley

                                    Just a follow-up: I was in Trader Joe's yesterday and noted the canned chicken is $2.99 for a 12 (yes, twelve) ounce can, which seems like a bargain. Their brand is packed in broth, not water.

                                    1. re: Krys Stanley

                                      Even fresh bonless, skinless chicken breast is cheaper per pound.

                            2. Wow. I thought I was a bit of a food snob when it came to this stuff, but sheesh...I honestly loathe canned tuna, even the expensive stuff, and have no interest in SPAM, but even I don't object to a can of chicken mixed into the enchiladas. I agree that it doesn't have the texture of fresh chicken, of course, but it's not exactly the stupidest convenience item ever.

                              (To the previous canned-chicken enchilada maker: Hi there!)

                              1. When you make chicken salad from the canned stuff, use chopped smoked almonds and lots of fresh tarragon. How ironic you say, fresh herbs with canned chicken? I know, I know, but if you couple that with Orowheat's 3 seed bread, or some other kind with poppy seeds, it might begin to taste quite acceptable. And cut the crusts off and slice into quarters or fancy shapes and you have the makings for an afternoon party. Trust me...I have done this and everyone raved while I chuckled.

                                1. z
                                  Zach Georgopoulos

                                  I bought some a couple of months ago out of curiosity (plus, it was on sale), and made a decent rice dish -- rinsed the chicken off, and mixed it in with rice (half basmatti, half arborio) in chicken broth (canned, natch), a bit of lemon juice, a handful of pine nuts, a sprinkle of gumbo file, and let it simmer for plenty of time while I went about my errands. Ground a bunch of pepper on top just before eating. The chicken was a tad mushy, and not particularly flavorful, but it wasn't bad for a labor-saving meal. It's good to have in the cupboard, for when you don't really have time to cook anything special. Improvise!

                                  1. I tried making chicken salad sandwiches with uncanned chicken once, and never again. The real chicken doesn't stick together very well, and chicken pieces kept falling out of the sandwich.

                                    Although I'm sure it's a good thing that real chicken doesn't stick together very well....

                                    Other than chicken salad sandwiches, I like to use canned chicken in pasta salad (the chicken doesn't fall to the bottom of the bowl as much as cooked cubed chicken)

                                    1. I confess to liking the canned chicken as well. Try stirring it up in a pan with half a jar of salsa and a can of beans and then have as a dip with tortilla chips, can top with some shredded cheddar or whatever you want once it's warm. Or serve over rice and have a complete meal.

                                      I'm trying hard to get off of all canned goods but the Tonno tuna is one I'm having trouble giving up. It's sooo good.