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Jul 15, 2004 03:11 PM

Difference between blue marlin and swordfish?

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When I went to buy swordfish the other day, the guy at the fish market recommended I try blue marlin instead. What is the difference? Can I substitute blue marlin for swordfish in recipes?

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  1. They are both large pelagics that look a lot alike. I think swordfish is better, but they are similar enough. That is all I can say before going off topic about stocks, longlining and conservation.

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      The guy at the market was correct. Marlin is by far a much better fish. It's less oily and fatty than swordfish and doesn't taste or smell as fishy. It also saut├ęs better and doesn't have a lot of that black stuff in the middle that swordfish seems to have a lot of. Whatever that stuff is. They both grill well though. Also Marlin has a thicker denser consistency and is not as gummy as swordfish as long as it's eaten while hot or warm. If you let it get cold it can be very tough to eat, almost like chewing gum.

    2. Btw, where was this market? It wouldn't happen to be in southern california would it?