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Jul 1, 2004 04:24 PM

ready-made barbecue sauce

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What are the best brands of ready-to use barbecue sauce to keep at hand? Most of the popular ones are too sweet, or taste of synthetic smoke....

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  1. Here's two that at least don't start with HFCS: Stubb's, and "We're Talkin' Serious" Bone Suckin'Sauce.

    I enjoy making my own, but these two are on my table a lot.

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    1. re: applehome

      Stubbs's is my fave around here too...I'm from Kansas City (the BBQ capital of the U.S) and it's the closest I can find here to the best - Gates BBQ Sauce. A good kick and not sweet.

      1. re: kimchee

        Yes! Gates! A friend brings a case back every time he goes to KC. Stubbs is fine too, and readily available. I have to disagree with the post on Dinosaur--I really don't care for that one.

        1. re: AlanH™

          did you know that you can buy Gates' sauce online at their website?


          1. re: AlanH™

            I thought Stubbs was too hot - it actually burned my mouth. And I love pickled jalapenos. Maybe they have a milder sauce too?

      2. Kona Garlic Jalpeno

        1. I am embarrassed to admit this--it hardly befits my Okie roots, and I am not generally one of those big Trader-Joe-boosters--but our favorite commercially available "sweet" BBQ sauce is none other than Trader Joe's "Bold & Smoky Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce."

          1. c

            ok I like Stubbs too... but the BEST store bought is Dinosaur BBQ Slathering Sauce!! (it's from upstate NY and they are as we speak building one in downtown New York!!)

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            1. re: cowgirlinthesand

              Actually, they're building it in Harlem (131st St and West Side Highway, right across from the huge Fairway Uptown Market.)

              Barbecue lovers in New York City are waiting for this one wth bated breath... or basted breath?

              - er

              1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                Sweet Baby Rays.

                It's really good stuff.

              2. Cast my vote for Dinosaur BBQ sauce too. I like the wango tango sauce and the slathering sauce the best.

                Order them at or buy them at Wegmans supermarkets.

                PS if you buy the cookbook, try the honey hush cornbread recipe. It's sooooo good.