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Jun 17, 2004 09:04 AM

Gevalia coffee. Any opinions?

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Hello -

I was thinking about trying Gevalia coffee (the mail order coffee company). Has anyone had any experience with their products?


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  1. I actually think it's alright, especially their Stockholm roast, a medium-dark roast, and they used to carry a Costa Rican Peaberry that was quite good, but I found the pricing and shipping costs to be too high for what you're getting (even the free coffeemaker), and I only drink a large cup of coffee a day, so I had a hard time drinking enough to keep up with their shipment schedule, even after I adjusted it to the minimum number of shipments. I drank it during college when I was in the middle of nowhere and before the internet had advanced to where it is now. Their regular house blend is pretty bland, and the teas aren't worth it. After college, I found that the local gourmet store and local coffee roasters had everything I'd ever wanted to try, and quit. I've attached the link to my local shop below-- they do mail order.

    If you don't live someplace chow-centric, though, it could be an alright, steady-source of supply option, although there are lots of other mail order sources for good coffee that I'm sure others can suggest. Dean and Deluca is hideously expensive, but they have a really good Sumatra.


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    1. re: EMDB

      The coffee maker is great but the coffee is average.

      I mail order mine from Orleans Coffee Exchange. Great prices and great coffee.


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        I don't know what the prices are for Gevalia but I have to agree, it's pretty mediocre. A number of Starbucks blends/roasts are far superior and you should be able to get those locally unless your in Djibouti.

        For high quality mail-order coffee, I'd try Peet's (link below). They have some spectacular blends and limited editions. Their site also does a nice job of breaking down the geography (terroir?) and other aspects of the coffees to help you make your selection ... and educate you in general.

        Torrefazione Italia has nice variety of (obviously) Italian roasts and blends (



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          I tried it for a while before the fresh-roasted coffee explosion made it unnecessary. Here (Chicago) there are local businesses I'm happy to support that are roasting daily.

          The Gevalia was fine when the only real alternative was supermarket brands.

          Meanwhile, I agree about Torrefazione. I enjoy their roasts/blends when I can get there.

      2. Kept the coffeemaker.Tossed the coffee....hated it.

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            Me too. The coffee maker is pretty nice, with its thermal carafe. I thought the coffee was pretty bad, but didn't explore very many of the roasts.

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              Same here. If they want to send me a new coffee maker every year or so, God bless 'em.

              1. re: Shaebones

                Me too. Bought one shipment of the coffee out of guilt, then canceled.

                1. re: coney with everything

                  Me three. I actually gave away the coffee, it was so bad, and I'm not a coffee snob.

              2. My mom joined and got so much coffee in the mail that we all had coffee in our stockings last Christmas. My experience with it was sort of "eh" flavorwise. But I think the main thing was the volume. She has one cup a day at home, and it was just too much.

                1. I only buy "fair-trade" coffees anymore...where ALL the workers are guaranteed a livable wage. Most health food stores sell such coffees and our church does now too.

                  1. Try NY based Porto Rico


                    They have great coffee and good prices.