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Jun 16, 2004 02:56 AM

Wine and Cheese Matchups... Zinfandel Tasting Results

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Recently participated in an extremely extensive tasting of Wine and Cheese.... 8 varietals in all were sampled against over 45 cheeses... this took days. Name a cheese between Appenzeller and Zamarano and it was probably part of this tasting.

Top-rated cheeses which "made the cut" were re-tasted in a second round.

Survivors and thrivers after two rounds vs. Zinfandel (red) are:

VERY TOP TIER: Parmesan Reggiano (a rare score of 9.00... a superb matchup)

2nd TIER (all outstanding): Very aged Cheddar (8 yr old), plain Chevre Goat Cheese, Provolone, Roquefort

3rd TIER: Camembert, Aged Cheddar (4 yr old), Epoisses, Feta (french)

The wine tasted was the 1997 Hartford Court.

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