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Jun 14, 2004 12:02 PM

pink pork sausage

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Is it safe (trichinosis?) to eat cooked pork sausage that is still pink inside?

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  1. Probably. From the CDC website; "Infection was once very common; however, infection is now relatively rare. From 1991-1996, an annual average of 38 cases per year were reported. The number of cases has decreased because of legislation prohibiting the feeding of raw meat garbage to hogs, commercial and home freezing of pork, and the public awareness of the danger of eating raw or undercooked pork products. Cases are less commonly associated with pork products and more often associated with eating raw or undercooked wild game meats."


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      Thanks, I feel better already...I think. I ate some pasta with chunks of pork sausage (unsmoked) and towards the end I cut open one of the larger pieces of sausage and it was pink inside...

    2. It depends on why it's pink. Pink raw, or pink from nitrates? The only way to know for sure is to measure the internal temperature when cooked. Trichinosis is pretty rare anyway, but there are other potential food-borne illnesses you could get.

      1. If the sausages were smoked, the pinkness could be the smoke ring, in which case they should be ok to eat.

        1. Trichinosis is very rare in the U.S.

          BTW, trichinosis is killed at 137 F. And at 137 F, pork is medium/meduum rare and is still pink.

          Restaurants now often serve Pork loin and pork tenderloinsmedium (moist, juicy and pink in the center).

          There has been a tradition of overcooking pork (until it is dry) in the U.S. because of trichinosis concerns.

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            Boris Carlitov

            According to Julia Childs the above poster is correct.

            Just here for support...