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Jun 7, 2004 01:18 PM

Speaking of Rabbit, I brined one.

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Someone on the S.F. board was in search of rabbit which reminded me of wonderful grilled rabbit I had a long time ago but I can't remember where. It was so good I decided to make rabbit last night for dinner. DH had tried rabbit before but it was dry and tasteless so he was a little less enthusiastic about having it again.

After reading all the posts about the wonders of brining I decided to give it a go. I've brined turkey and pork chops before with a lot of success so rabbit sounded like a good candidate. I used 4 cups water, 3 tbs. each of kosher salt and light brown sugar, four branches of rosemary, 5 cloves garlic, a bay leaf and ground pepper. I brined for about 4 hours and then marinated it in lemon slices, lemon juice and EVOO. I grilled the meat on a slowish heat (indirect). I served it with red potatoes roasted w/ salt and a simple salad. For the potatoes I took a sheet of tin foil shook out a goodly amount of coarse sea salt, placed pierced red potatoes on top of the salt and wrapped it up to form a pouch and then put it directly on the coals. DH kept raving about the rabbit and potatoes. IMHO I thought it was excellent too.

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  1. Wow, that really sounds good.

    I've only eaten rabbit once. At Christmas time my MIL pan fried a previously frozen domestic rabbit. IT was not at all dry. It was a very delicately flavored meat. I can see how it could be dry if overcooked the least little bit. DH informs me that wild rabbit is also very different from their domestic counterparts both in leanness and range of flavor.