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Jun 3, 2004 12:29 PM

shrimp on pizza - how to?

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So I did go to TJ's and bought some pizza dough and was thinking of doing a parmesan pesto shrimp concoction. But I'm not sure how to go about it - should I cook the shrimp separately and thrown them on at the end? Cook them part way and put them on for the whole time?

Thanks for any advice!

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  1. I always steam the shrimp first until just barely cooked thru. If you start with raw shrimp they release liquid making it hard to get a crisp crust and by the time the shrimp is cooked thru the top of the shrimp are over cooked. Possibly the only exception would be if you those really tiny shrimp.

    O love making them on the grill-oil the grill first and cook dough on one side for a few minuts just lighty cook it, flip and then top with the pesto sauce and shrimp. Cook a few more minutes until crust is as you like it and then sprinke with parmesian. I make mini ones for company as appetizers at outdoor parties