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strong aversion to dill?

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Just wondering if anyone else has as strong an aversion to dill as I do--if it's in something I unknowingly bite into, I'm so repulsed I have to spit it out and feel like my body is about to shrivel in disgust. Is this a noted condition?


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  1. You're not alone. I'm a dill and mint phobe.

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    1. No, just the soap tasting cilantro.

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        Dislike both dill and cilantro, but love mint (per the first answer below).

      2. well, it's a general topic.

        I love dill. I really don't like basil all that much and I hate cumin if it's the dominant flavor.

        1. Hate dill! Although I've grown to tolerate it, only because sometimes it's a surprise ingredient in a dish I've ordered in a restaurant, and I can't send it back JUST because of the dill. I like every other herb, especially the other one that so many dislike, cilantro!

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            Oh, I'd send it back, and say something like "sorry, the menu description didn't say it had dill in it." I'm one for complete disclosure in menu descriptions, ingredient wise. I'll ask if "fresh herbs" includes dill (or mint) if it's vague, but it's a real pet peeve when they list almost everything, but then leave out several ingredients, like dill, or sundried tomatoes, or seeds, or nuts. Bleh. Plus, I always ask if it's fish or chicken or something some people think dill tastes good with.

            But I'm a picky wench, so I always try to ask first, so that I don't feel bad when I send it back later when it does turn out to have dreaded dill. : )

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              Well, you're probably not as picky as a vegetarian with digestive problems who can't eat half the food on the planet! You're right, though. It's REALLY annoying when there's something significant in a dish that wasn't mentioned on the menu.

          2. Absolutely. Shrivel and heave is more like it. It's a damn shame how much perfectly good food is rendered unfit for consumption by the application of this vile weed. Ecch!

            1. TOTALLY with you! A friend and I made a dinner for a huge group of friends, I made a ginger-honey-lime glaze for the salmon, and my friend added dill at the last minute. I was not happy. ...don't care much for cilantro either. Love mint and basil, though.

              1. I can stand dill in the pickle water but don't like it in other foods.

                I do not like caraway seeds and am not crazy for sesame seeds either but I love tahina.

                And anything liquorice flavor such as anise, pernod, fennel is bleh

                1. YES! It is literally the only herb I can't stand. Love cilantro. Love dill PICKLES (I don't think they contain any actual dill). But, ugh, dill tastes like urine.

                  1. I, too, have a strong dill aversion. However my local supermarket makes a dill potato salad that I really like. Doesn't taste of dill to me.

                    My poor MIL had been talking about a cold cucumber soup that she used to make for my husband when he was growing up. She invited us for dinner one very hot evening with her soup as the highlight of the meal. She served us heaping bowls of the stuff and upon my first spoon I realized that it was chock full of dill - mountains of it! Being the polite person I am, I ate it, dreading every extra spoonful, but I didn't want to offend her since she was so proud to serve this to us. On the way home I told my husband about my dill aversion and how I wish I had known the soup would be full of it. His response? "Oh, mine didn't have any - I hate it so she makes mine with out it." Damn!

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                      LOL!! I am sorry but that hilarious. I absolutely, with every fibre in my body hate dill. If I had to do what you did, I think I would steam.

                      I am one of those vegetarians that LisaPizza is talking about and I love all herbs - especially the ones people hate so much, mint and cilantro. But I hate hate hate dill. Can't bear the smell! Yuck.

                      For a long time I didn't realise what that herb was that made me want to throw up from the bottom of my stomach. One day I bought some resh herbs from the store to replenish my pantry and when I opened the bags at home, the foul smell made me want to gag. "Eureka!!". I took it all the way to the trash cans after bagging it twice. Couldn't even bear it in my kitchen trash.

                      Love the dill pickles though. Don't think they have any herb in them.

                    2. Don't like dill, the herb, but since I quit smoking, have found that I now like dill pickles. Odd....

                      1. cannot handle dill and also wondered if this is a noted condition. I always send back if a restaurant serves my dish with dill. Can. not. eat. it. Gagging reflex kicks in with the taste or smell of dill. Yuck.