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May 29, 2004 06:08 PM

Cherry Ripe

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Came across this chocolate candy bar online, reportedly 'Australia's oldest and most loved chocolate bar', called 'Cherry Ripe', and was intrigued. I wonder if anyone has seen this being sold anywhere in the U.S.? I'm in the SF Bay Area, but will look out for it if I travel! See it at:

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  1. Sorry to say, I do not know of a place to buy them in the US in person - and enjoy them in bulk every time I am "down under". However, I have had great luck with mail orders, search using vivisimo or google for "tim tams" (another great Aussie treat) and it will also bring up places to buy cherry ripes (easier to search for tim tams, since it is more unique than cherry ripe...)

    Good luck!