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May 21, 2004 12:39 PM

how to serve foie gras?

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i recently took a trip to france and brought back a few cans of foie gras (duck, goose and goose with truffles). i also picked up a bottle of sauternes that someone suggested would complement them well. i'm not a foie connoisseur, so i was hoping for some guidance on how to serve. the can says to serve chilled, so i guess no cooking is required. but does it go on toast? or just plain? how about accompaniments? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. A classic garnish for foie gras is fruit- try some caramelized pear or apple, or figs roasted briefly with a touch of balsamic, or make a compote of dried or fresh cherries with port. It's the sweet/sour thing. Serve the foie gras at room temp with unbuttered toasts (I assume you have the pate, not the raw liver).
    Or, top seared beef tenderloin filets or tuna steaks with a slab of the foie gras (skip the sauternes for this preparation).

    1. Lucky you. I would do a taste test with the duck and goose, which have distinct flavors.

      Assuming you have whole poached lobes ("entier" I think) I would serve it very simply with crustless, lightly toasted pan de mie (pullman) bread. The dense texture and mild yeasty flavor work nicely.

      Brioche is another option but I find it too rich and too yeasty for a terrine.

      Top the foie gras with fleur del set or sea salt and a tiny bit of cracked pepper.

      The Zuni Cafe recipe for prunes in red wine vinegar are absolutely wonderful on the side or with a small sliver on top of the toast.

      I would careful with any fruit pairings. Sauces and the like go best with seared preparations.

      1. Is it a canned prepared pate or canned poached or prepared lobes? Most probably it is pate, but the poached lobes can be served same as pate. Serve chilled with high quality crackers, flatbread crisps or preferably with thin sliced toasted crusty breads. You might also want to pick up a few cheeses and some ripe fruits to peel, slice and serve along side. Spread a bit of pate or lobes on the bread and munch away. What sauterne do you have?

        1. For the best tasting thing you ever put in your mouth... make simple canapes of a small slice or smear (if pate) of the foie gras topped with a small chunk of roquefort cheese.

          Serve with your slightly chilled Sauternes.

          1. Substitue the leaves from a belgian endive for crackers or toast; or serve the foie gras on seasoned spring greens (the best, imho, is what the french call 'mache', the little, round green leaves).