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May 11, 2004 04:15 PM

Wild sweet rice

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Shopping in the Korean grocery store the other day, had a taste of the most delicious black rice with seaweed (they give out cooked samples.) Not speaking Korean it was almost impossible for me to understand how to cook it, but I could swear she said soak the rice for 3 hours first.

To make matters more complicated (of course), I bought a bag of wild sweet rice. The grains are medium in length. Does anyone have a clue? Should I soak it for 3 hours? Cook it in how much liquid? I'll be up all night soaking and boiling until I figure it out unless someone can HELP! Thanks.


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  1. Sounds a little like sticky rice to me, however I am not 100% certain. Sticky rice is soaked in water first for at least a few hours, but it's best soaked over night. After that, it is steamed. You can of course go get a steamer for this, but I wrap the rice in cheesecloth, put it in a metal colander and steam it a top boiling water with the lid placed on top of the colander, about 20-25 minutes. I turn the rice once to ensure evenness. Give it a try with a small portion and see what develops :-)

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      Yesterday I soaked the rice about 4 hours, changed the water and cooked. It turned out pretty well. I shall try your suggestion next, I'd like the rice to be stickier since I'm planning to serve it in little "balls" with seaweed for a dinner. (By the way, it was delicious tasting.) Thanks.

      1. re: Sandra W.

        Sure thing, if you want it sticky for little balls, soaking & steaming is the best method. Oh so yummy! :-)