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May 11, 2004 01:25 AM

stoopid grilling question--to PAM or not to PAM?

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I have finally used up the complimentary can of "PAM for the Grill" that came with the gas grill we got as a housewarming present when we moved into our new house. This seems to be hard to find anywhere except back at the barbecue store, where it's sort of overpriced.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether there is really a significant difference between PAM for the Grill and regular plain ol' PAM? Or recommendations for a better no-calorie non-stick substance to use on the grill?

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  1. I didn't even know they made Pam for the grill--I have always used regular pam. At work, we use the generic foodservice pam--Vegalene, or whatever Sysco non-stick cooking spray is in stock. Never having used it, the only difference I can imagine is that the Pam for the grill is less flammable. When you spray regular pam on a lit grill you can get some pretty awesome flames--can be dangerous if they hit something, or worse yet, if they come back into the bottle and explode. You can spray carefully, at your own risk, or use tongs/leather mitt to remove the hot grill bars and spray away from the fire. Of course, you can always soak a paper towel or sidetowel in oil and wipe it on the grill with tongs, but the spray is easier and less messy.

    1. Brush on some melted lard before you fire up - it works much better.

      1. I don't know what you are grilling, but I don't use any non-stick stuff. Assuming you're grilling meats, I think people have a tendency to flip the food too much. It won't stick at all if you leave it in place long enough for the grill to sear the meat. With vegetables, I usually put olive oil on them anyway, so they aren't going to stick.

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          I've never had a problem (once or twice with the skin on salmon fillets) with sticking if the grill grate is well heated. I don't use gas though, so if you just fire it up and grill maybe you need to oil it?

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            Maybe. I use charcoal.

        2. No difference between Pam and Pam for the Grill, besides marketing and the price. I've used both and see no difference, (also recommend taking the other posters advice about not flipping too much. Sometimes, if your grill dirty, no matter how long it stays on one side the food will still stick.)

          Go to Costco or something and get it cheaper in bulk and spray away. Also, grill guards (those little pieces of aluminum that fit over the grills work well, especially when sprayed. Also helps cut down on clean up time

          1. Swab a paper towel with some canola oil and treat the grill.