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Apr 27, 2004 09:57 PM

Why do most people like Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme Donuts

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I found these popular donuts to be very sweet, to a point where I can't even chew them on my mouth. Awful taste. In Europe and Asia, donuts have more subtle sweetness and lighter.

Have donuts in America been created this way ?

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  1. I haven't had Dunkin in a while, but they didn't used to be achingly sweet. Krispy Kremes distinguised themselves from Dunkin by using an extraordinarily thick sugar glaze. This caught on, which is not surprising given that food manufacturers have found if you add sugar to anything, it will sell, and if you add more sugar, it will sell more. I find Krispy Kremes just to sugary, but this seems to be their appeal. Dunkin makes a donut called "old fashioned glazed" which is a cake donut, rather than yeast. This is my favorite of theirs.

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      Huge gargantuan naked Sumo wrestler was being interviewed on TV during visit to US. He spoke only Japanese so translator was translating everything then he would answer in Japanese etc.. Finally the question was asked, "Do you like American food?". Question was duly translated. Sumo wrestler broke into big smile and said haltingly in English "Kris-peee---Kreeeme--Dough--naaats."

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        Just amazing the number of people who actually buy these unhealthy, overly sugar-coated donuts.

        It's just way way too sweet for taste bud. I prefer chocolate croissant from Ceci Cela, Petrossian, or Le Pain Quotidien anyday or Beard Papa's cream puffs.

        The best donuts I had was actually in Hong Kong. I don't remember exactly where, but it was around Central area, just perfect. The donut is not too heavy but you can taste the quality of the flour and the sugar on top is just right to give it a tingling sweet sensation.

    2. Why do people like anything? I'm sure that there are foods that you consider to taste great, but others cannot stand to eat. As with anything, either you like them or you don't.

      I happen to like Krispy Kreme donuts, especially when they are hot and fresh. My favorite is glazed jelly filled, but I'm quite happy with the original glazed.

      1. I find them very sweet myself. Dunkin Donuts is okay -just on the edge of too sweet, but yummy enough once in a while. If I could convince them to go back to the old crullers, and then make a chocolate one without glaze, I would be happy. Krispy Kreme I find inedibly sweet. Generally, I don't eat these types of donuts, unless someone else brings them to a meeting or something (which only happens a few times a year). I will eat plain cider donuts, which are much less sweet, whenever I'm lukcy enought to go to a farm stand that makes them. And if you're ever near the Rhode Island/Massachusetts border, try out the Colonical Butler Donut House, a donut mecca of sorts. They fill their donuts with real whipped cream. Not too sweet at all, just perfect, in fact. I have considered taking up donut- making because their donuts have ruined me for Dunkin Donuts forever. But I'm nervous about donut making - don't have a deep fryer, would have to do it on the stove. I never really fry anything; it intimidates me (and stinks up my apartment). But all this talk of donuts is making me hungry....

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          Just curious, is it really Colonical, or did you mean Colonial? Donuts and a spa treatment all in one! Someone could make a fortune. :)

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            Whoops. I really have to start, um, proofreading.

            Though a donut/spa sounds fabulous.

            I forgot to mention that the Colonial Butler doesn't serve the whipped-cream-filled donuts in the summer, because they don't want to add anything to make the whip cream stable. That, my friends, is donut integrity. Also, last time I was there (without a car, years go by without good donuts - it's a tragedy), they only served plain, chocolate, jam-filled round and cruller, and whipped cream and jam-filled round and cruller. That's it, no messing about!

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              That's beautiful. Thanks for the laugh.


          2. I grew up in North Carolina (home of Krispy Kreme) eating KK donuts, so they taste perfectly normal (and delicious) to me. A warm KK glazed (or several) with a cup of good coffee=heaven. I was delighted when they opened up a few franchise operations in NYC.

            I got on their "friends" list a while back and now the crack dealers at Krispy Kreme periodically e-mail me "buy a dozen, get a dozen free" coupons. Blarg. Just what I need.

            Not a huge fan of Dunkin Donuts for some reason, but I like their coffee.

            - er

            1. They're chains, is the short answer, and just add sugar is the buzz word, as someone else posted. I find most doughnuts from mom and pop bakeries to be less sweet, more crunchy, or crispy, or creamy and all around flavorful. A western massachusetts specialty seems to be the Sour Cream Cake doughnut, yummy. And real cider doughnuts are a real treat.

              That said, I do like the French Cruller at DD, which is like a honey glazed popover. And the coffee's better than what's available at most coffee shops.

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                Amen to the Mom and Pop doughnut shops! Also, the better groceries have really good ones too, ie. Publix, Ukrops and Giant in this neck of the woods.