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Apr 23, 2004 10:00 AM

Cooking shad roe?

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Had shad roe last week -- delicious! -- so I'd like to try making it myself this weekend. The recipes I've looked at vary quite a bit in how long they have you cook it -- from about 7 minutes to about 15 minutes. Any experienced shad roe cooks care to weigh in on the appropriate amount of time? Any favorite preparations? Thanks.

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  1. I've found that sauteeing in butter for maybe 7 minutes is plenty. I like my Roe sets to be just browned but still moist inside. Shad Roe ( and Shad flesh) is pretty flavorful and personally I would not cook it any other way or use it in any other recipe. It certainly doesn't need any sauces or additions, IMO. BTW Shad fillets make a great breakfast for all the Adkins folks.

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      I agree with Bob. I like mine simply sauteed in butter too - with a dash of lemon juice after cooking.

      A Japanese friend of mine served me this once: he lightly sprinkled lemon juice and a small dash of salt on the roe, then grill it on what I believe to be Japanese portable charcoal stove (sichirin) until its medium rare. I've not yet able to replicate this since I don't have a sichirin.

      Anyhow, shad roe is pretty flavorful on its own. It would be a waste to over-sauce it.

      Good luck!


    2. I cooked shad roe for my first time and second time this year, both times in butter or butter/olive oil mixed. The first time I went about 4 minutes per side. The roe was gray-brown all the way through, and I felt I had overcooked it.

      The second time I went about three minutes for the first side, and two minutes for the second. I also dredged it in flour first. It was better--still a bit pink in the middle. In the end, though, I decided its just not something that floats my boat. But I'm not much of a fan of salmon roe, either.

      1. Saveur had an article a few years ago. You might want to check their website. They had several preparations.

        1. I have to cook shad roe for my husband every Spring--it's an annual tradition. I have to prepare it like his mother did, but he did allow a slight "gourmefication" this year.

          First, cook one slice of good bacon per roe sac, until crisp. Pour off all but one T. of fat, and add some butter to the pan. Lightly dust the roe sacs with flour and saute on low-medium flame, turning once, until lightly brown and just firm to the touch. If you press lightly in the middle of the sac and it feels mushy, it needs a little more time. It should just spring back when you touch it.(Do eveything very gently, so the roe sacs don't tear.) Remove roe to a warm plate, add a bit more butter to the pan and saute some finely chopped shallot (1-2 T.), add a splash of white wine or dry vermouth, some grated lemon peel and finely chopped fresh chervil or Italian parsley and a dash of salt. Crumble the bacon and add to pan sauce. Serve roe on buttered English muffin (my mo-in-law always did this) and spoon pan sauce and bacon over top. This is good!

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            Paul Lazaras

            Can you please provide sources to have shad and shad roe shipped to Dallas, TX? Thanks for your help

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              I second the request... I live in Dallas TX now and can't seem to find shad or shad roe. Anyone know where I can get some?

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                Charleston seafood has an online store- they are currently selling shad roe.