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Apr 15, 2004 12:27 PM

Favorite supermarket salsas?

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I'm on the hunt for a new jarred salsa. Not too fond of Newman's Own. Anything else considered, although we prefer milder spice and a strong tangy/acid note. I'm in the northeast, and have a TJ's and a Bread & Circus nearby. Special thanks for favorite tomatillo salsas.


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  1. I'm not sure if it's distributed in your area or not, but if you can find it, Herdez Salsa Casera in either the bottle or can is pretty good.

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    1. re: Gayla

      I second the recc. re: Hedera salsa. We have it here in DC at WholeFoods, which I think is the parent of Bread and Circus. So you should be able to get it. I have not seen it at TJs.

      1. re: GregJ

        Herdez's Salsa Ranchera and Salsa Verde are really good, too.

        1. re: dinner belle

          I think it's way too vinegary, which is why I ended up on this website -searching for a brand name that isn't so vinegary.

      2. re: Gayla

        I also like Herdez, but even better and harder to find is La Morena Home Made Style Red Mexican Sauce. It tastes like fresh homemade salsa.
        It comes in a 7 ounce tin and has an orange wrapper. I have found it at a couple of bodegas in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and at the C-Town Supermarket in Williamsburg.

      3. Green Mountain Gringo. Named as such because it's made in vermont, but it's my fave. Very fresh tasting.

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        1. re: budino

          I like the Green Mountain Gringo too! I go for the medium heat.


          1. re: budino

            Not made in VT anymore. They were purchased and moved operations to Winston-Salem, NC. Still taste the same as before though. The Roasted Chile variety is real good.

          2. I'm fond of Desert Pepper salsas, which they carry in some "regular" supermarkets as well as more gourmet supermarkets. The two olive is my favorite.

            However, check the link below for an excellent mail-order salsa, Jose Madrid, that I think would be very much to your liking. I particularly like their verde salsa (found under "Spanish" on their website) and the peach salsa (found under "Fruit"). You can trust their heat rankings -- the mild is very mild, the very hot is very hot.


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            1. re: --susan
              Marcia M. D'A.

              We really like the Desert Pepper Trading Co. salsas, too. One of our regular markets carries them and the tomatillo salsa,our favorite, is called Salsa Del Rio. It's unusually good for a bottled salsa.

              1. re: --susan

                We too are big fans of the Desert Pepper salsas. Every guest who's ever tried it has remarked on how good it is. A bit more expensive than your widely availabel brands, but well worth it.

                1. re: --susan

                  I agree. VERY good salsas. Also, Garden Fresh Gourmet salsas (in a refrigerated area) are quite good; their tortilla chips are among the best commercial chips available as well.

                2. I like Frontera salsas a lot.

                  1. The Fronterra salsas are good bottled salsas. A good variety too. Also in the deli section of my grocery store there are a brand of "fresh" salsas by Santa Barbara which are excellent and very fresh tasting.