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Uses for Creme Fraiche

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Needed a bit for as a garnish for soup and now I'm left with excess - one of the small tubs minus about three or four tablespoons.

What are some of your favorite simple uses? I'm not looking for recipes that require a bit of creme fraiche, but recipes or serving suggestions that are primarily creme fraiche. Of course, serving with berries is a given ... unfortunately, it's not prime berry season yet.

Many thanks,


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  1. Off the top of my head I can think only of baked apples topped with creme fraiche, and latkes (esp. beet and carrot latkes) with creme fraiche on the side.
    Or maybe smoked fish with creme fraiche?
    The thing *does* seem to have been created especially for berries though.

    1. I've never done this, but I bet it would be good in mashed potatoes. There was a thread a few days back on using that Total greek yogurt--some of the ideas might also be relevant to your quandary.

      Another idea-- a sour cream--apple pie or the like.

      1. As suggested below, it's great with mashed potatoes. I use it a lot instead of sour cream; on quesadillas, with fruit tarts, and I've been thinking a lot about a recent post here for an orange dessert. I believe it was orange segments soaked in Grand Marnier with a dollop of creme fraiche, sprinkled with shavings of good dark chocolate.

        1. I'm the one who made that orange dessert (it was great, everyone loved it!) and I had plenty of creme fraiche left over.

          We had some thin, cooked spaghetti noodles left over from a pasta dish. I heated them in the microwave, then put a couple dollups of creme fraiche and mixed it in, the way you would do with sour cream or cottage cheese.
          It was marvellous - a real treat.
          Fortunately, the creme fraiche lasts a long time (the date is far in advance) so I can explore other ideas. But I want those noodles again!

          1. You can puree it with some avocados, cayenne pepper, a little salt, a little lime for a really good salad dressing or chip "salsa" dip or sauce for white fish.

            1. Bake slices of new potato, put on each a dollop of CF and some caviar, even the supermarket kind, for a little acksnay.

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                I do this with fancy crackers if you don't want to cook the potatoes- nothing too flavorful because you want the creme fraiche to stand out. It's a great app at a dinner party and you can use have a container in an evening.

              2. peel a cucumber(s), cut in half(length), remove the seeds with a spoon, and slice in 1/2 moons. Salt and let drain for 30-60 minutes. Wipe off as much of the salt and moisture as you can. Use the Creme Fraiche for dressing. Add pepper and chopped herbs(I like mint or cilantro). Serve as a salad.



                  1. Mix it into eggs, then scramble them over a double boiler or over very low heat. Chives or other herbs are nice in this. (This is from The New Basics Cookbook
                    by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins; the original recipe might call for sour cream.)

                    Also, Patricia Wells' Bistro Cooking book has a mussels recipe that calls for creme fraiche to be added to the cooking liquid, I believe after the mussels are cooked.

                    1. You can use it in any sauce where you would normally use soured cream.
                      eg. a Rahmschnitzel type of dish.
                      Saute veal/chicken escallopes, remove to a hot platter, deglaze pan with white wine (or chicken stock), add creme fraiche and Paprika. Reduce sauce and spoon over meat.

                      1. Realizing that we are not yet in peak berry season, I must observe that there actually are some fantastic strawberries becoming available in stores now. Last night my wife brought home a pound of absolutely gorgeous California strawberries, dead ripe and bursting with flavor.

                        I can't imagine a better use of creme fraiche than adorning these.

                        - er