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Apr 8, 2004 07:48 PM

appetizer ideas with apples

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i am hosting an appletini cocktail party and decided that i will have an apple theme and all the appetizers will have apple - apple chutney with cheese and crackers, baked brie served with apple slices, chicken apple sausage. would love your help with some more ideas and recipes - thanks!

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  1. i make dates wrapped in bacon. i see no reason not to wrap nice tart apple slices the same way, securing the bacon with a damp toothpick and bake them i usually don't pay too much attention to the oven setting, i just watch for the bacon to be as crispy as i like it. you have to cook a lot of bacon for that to be fool proof. in fact, i might try that. i have bacon. and an apple. would you like me to let you know how it turns out?

    good old peanut butter smeared on apple slices is very nice, and i do admire eating dessert first, how about a bit of apple pie or apple grandma cake?
    also, i hear that banana bread can be made with shredded apple subsituted for you know what.

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      thank you, yes, i would love to know how that turns out! and i think i will try some apple bread too. instead of apple pie, i found an apple pizza recipe i will try. i really appreciate your help.

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        one of my favorite snacks is granny smith apple slices with almond butter. my current favorite almond butter is at tj's at $3.99/pound. thereare two kinds: raw and roasted. i like them both, but raw is the best, imho

      2. well, there's always "harosses" (or however it is spelled -- there are prob a dozen ways), very appropriate at this time of year. traditional for passover, it represents the mortar using for building something when the jews were slaves in egypt (the pyramids...? i don't think so.... i'm not a very good jew for not knowing this). it's typically made of chopped apples, chopped nuts and a little wine to moisten it all and sometimes other ingredients like spices or maybe raisins.... there are probably thousands of recipes, each family does it a little differently and then there are a lot of variation by country / region (i hv a sephardic cookbook, w/ recipes from jews that are from the middle east, balkans, north africa and spain and it has some amazing varieties). it's eaten on top of matzoh. it's actually delicious and something i look forward to at this time of year -- every time, thinking why don't i make this at other times of the year, for a snack? you can really improvise w/ it, too, adding or subtracting what you like (i think the apples, nuts and wine are the only things that really make it trad'l).

        i'm sure you can find recipes on line easily at this time of year when passover menus are easy to come by (esp "updated" ones, like from Gourmet and the ilk). even if you're not jewish, it still tastes good. Passover was the "last supper" afterall, so if you're any variety of Christian, it fits in for Easter, too!

        1. We love thinly sliced apples very chilled with a light dresing or dipping sauce of vanilla yogurt or plain yogurt. Plain whipped with honey, and both topped with nutmeg. We had a sampler last night with strawberries, pinaapple, apples, pears, and maybe that was all; so good I wish we had more tonight.

          1. Sliced grannies w a piece of good cheddar and some hot sauce on a cracker. This is always our happy hour appetizer when we're cruising in the Carribean.....

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              granny smith sliced thing in wedges topped with baba ganoush or hummous. Tasty and easy.

              Macerate apple slices in alcohol and serve as part of a fruit platter.

            2. grannysmith slices or wedges with a smear of gorgonzola and candied walnut pieces sprinkled on it.