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Mar 31, 2004 02:58 PM

Greek recipe for ground lamb?

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Anyone got a good recipe or take on doing some Greek with ground lamb? I'm making spanikopita for a party (the bakery near my work actually makes their own hand-stretched fresh phyllo dough--Posidon Bakery, on 9th Ave near 45th St in NYC) and would like to bring something with lamb, too. I'm thinking something like ground lamb mixed with seasonings and grilled on skewers, or maybe a lamb filling for phyllo. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Natasa Sevoelva

    Below are a couple of recipes to Ipiros (Epirus) (Northern region of GREECE) meat pies and ground lamb recipes.

    Meat pies are a specialty of Ipiros, Greece. Do a GOOGLE search and I'm sure you'll find many delicious recipes.

    Souvlaki made with ground lamb (skewers) are delicious.

    Pastichio is a GREAT recipe for ground lamb. If you like the REAL GREEK recipe, I'll be happy to post my own or e-mail you a copy.



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      Thanks! I'd love a recipe for pasticchio. You can post it or email to me, above. thanks again!

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        I would also love your pastichio recipe.

        Thanks in advance!

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          Natasa Sevoleva

          My Recipe for Pastichio is long in reading, but simple to make. The main ingredient is LOVE. Add a little to everything you do.

          Though the name is distinctly Italian, the dish is distinctly Greek. The Layering and the combination of meat and pasta in one dish is Greek to the very end. Many versions of this casserole abound, but in Greece it is usually not made with a crust in a spring form pan as the vegetable versions in Italy. Many of my friends from Italy tell me that what we know in the USA as 'lasagna' is known to them from where they came from in Italy as 'pasticcio'. Lasagna comes from the Greek word 'lagana' meening unlevened bread. And 'lasagna al forno' is baked pasta. This is another discussion though and I digress.
          This version uses Haloumi cheese from the Greek Island of Cyprus, but any Greek cheese that grates and melts well will do, such as mizithra, kafalotiri, etc. This is NOT a low calorie recipe!

          2 pounds Uncut Ziti noodles (available in Greek groceries under the brand name "MISKO")
          ½ cup Haloumi cheese
          ¼ cup Whipping Cream
          ¼ tspn Grated Cinnamon
          ¼ tspn Ground Nutmeg
          Meat Sauce (recipe follows)
          Béchamel (White sauce) (recipe follows)

          PREHEAT OVEN TO 350F. Cook Ziti in at least 1-gallon (per pound of pasta, you may need two pots?)boiling Generously Salted water for about 6-8 minutes. Drain well. In a bowl add to the Ziti ¼ cup Whipping Cream and stir through. Add about ½ of cooked Ziti to baking pan and top with meat sauce. Add remaining Ziti and top with Béchamel (White sauce). Sprinkle Grated Haloumi Cheese, Ground Cinnamon and Ground Nutmeg and bake in PREHEATED 350F Oven until Golden brown and bubbly.

          Meat Sauce
          1 pound Ground Meat, such as Lamb Shoulder or sirloin of beef
          1 Onion Chopped fine
          ½ 28oz. Can Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Juice (not puree), Crushed by hand
          ¼ tspn Ground Cinnamon
          ¼ tspn Ground Nutmeg
          ½ tspn Ground Allspice
          ½ cup Dry White Wine
          ¼ tspn Dried Doublemint (thiosmo)
          ¼ tspn Dried Rigani (Greek oregano)
          1 Tbspn Olive oil
          Salt and Pepper

          Add Olive Oil and Ground Meat to a Hot sauté pan and cook over medium-high heat until well browned. Drain excess oil, if any. Return to heat and add chopped Onion. Sauté until Onion is Translucent. Add Ground Cinnamon, Ground Allspice, Dried Doublemint and Dried Rigani. Stir. Add Dry White Wine. Stir. Add Tomatoes. Stir. Salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for 10 minutes until liquid is reduced and thickened.

          Béchamel (White sauce)

          ½ gallon Whole Milk
          1 yellow Onion, cut in half
          1 Bay leaf
          1 stick Cinnamon
          2 Cloves
          ¼ tspn Ground Nutmeg
          1 cup all-purpose flour
          2 sticks butter (1/2 pound)
          Haloumi cheese, grated
          Salt and Pepper

          In a pan large enough to hold, bring to a simmer (not a boil) the ½ gallon Whole Milk with the Onion, Bay leaf, Cloves and Cinnamon stick. Simmer milk 5-10 minutes. Remove from heat and let milk come to room temperature.

          In another pan large enough to hold, add the 2 sticks Butter and 1 cup all-purpose flour. Stir over medium heat until flour cooks but does not brown, about 5 minutes. Strain the milk of its Onion, Bay leaf, Cinnamon stick and Cloves and add the room temperature milk to the pan of roux. Salt and pepper to taste. Whisk vigorously over medium heat with a balloon whisk until well blended and mixture has come to a boil and sauce has thickened. Add the grated Haloumi cheese and Grated Nutmeg and whisk in well. Let cool slightly prior to placing atop Pastichio.

          P.S. My Pastichio looks nothing like the link or the photo below. They are just examples of Pastichio out there in the world...



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            Oh man, that pastichio recipe has me drooling. *Thank you* for taking the time to type that out and post it.

            - er

        2. this summer when visiting my niece and her husband in Southern France we were delegated kitchen duties and had a excess of freshly ground lamb to deal with, so we mixed it with feta cheese and fresh delicious peaches from their orchard, mint from the garden and stuffed it into onions that we hollowed out and baked the whole thing. The dish was delicious and I presume you could do something similar with canned peaches(well drained) and stuff into phyllo instead of onions and use sauteed onions in the mixture for some extra flavor.

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            Did you cook the onions beforehand, or did you just stuff the raw lamb mix into the raw hollowed-out onions and baked everything together? How long did they take to cook? That's a very cool idea--thanks!

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              It's hard to remember cause we just improvised, but I think that par cooking the onions might be a good idea. We did use the inner onion bits with the meat and feta and peaches. It was really delicious. Might have throw some wine into the mixture as well - for sure we drank alot of wine.... wink wink

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            torta basilica

            I love Moussaka! Kindof Pastichio, but with eggplant instead of the pasta - soooo wonderful!